Neutral Creatures

Neutral Creatures

Amber Mosquito Rare Animal Neutral
ST:0 HP:40 G:50
In Battle: Transforms into Giant Rat or T-Rex.
Baldanders Strange Humanoid Neutral
ST:0 HP:30 G:40
In Battle: Transforms into a random creature.
Bandit Strange Humanoid Neutral
ST:20 HP:20 G:40
Support / Attack Bonus: Steals (damage dealt x2G) magic from opponent.
Battle Gear α Rare Undead Neutral
ST:40 HP:20 G:70
Support / Transforms into Vandal Gear when Battle Gear β is used as Support.
Battle Gear β Rare Undead Neutral
ST:20 HP:40 G:75
Support / Transforms into Vandal Gear when Battle Gear α is used as Support.
Berserker Normal Humanoid Neutral
ST:40 HP:50 G:60
Attack Bonus: Using creature receives 30% of damage done to opposing creature.
Borgess Strange Humanoid Neutral
ST:30 HP:40 G:60
Boost: HP+20 to creatures.
Chupa Cabra Rare Humanoid Neutral
ST:20 HP:40 G:30+Card
Attack Bonus: HP+ (damage dealt to opponent).
Cleric Strange Humanoid Neutral
ST:10 HP:30 G:65
Support / Instant Death: 60% against Undead creatures.
Cyclops Normal Humanoid Neutral
ST:50 HP:50 G:85
Attacks Last
Decoy Strange Undead Neutral
ST:0 HP:20 G:40
Reflects: All attacks (except scroll attacks)
Doppelganger Rare Humanoid Neutral
ST:0 HP:30 G:40+Card
In Battle: Transforms into same creature as opponent.
Dragonoid Rare Dragon Neutral
ST:30 HP:30 G:60
Support / Uses items as Humanoid.
Ethereal Queen Rare Humanoid Neutral
ST:30 HP:40 G:60
In Battle: HP=(# of user's Neutral territories x10).
Fighter Normal Humanoid Neutral
ST:40 HP:40 G:50
Giant Crawler Normal Animal Neutral
ST:30 HP:40 G:50
Instant Death: 50% to Plant creatures.
Giant Rat Normal Animal Neutral
ST:20 HP:10 G:5
Attacks First
Giant Snake Normal Animal Neutral
ST:30 HP:20 G:20
Attack Bonus: Poison (Humanoid Animal Dragon)
Giant Spider Normal Animal Neutral
ST:10 HP:30 G:25
Attack Bonus: Paralysis: (Humanoid Animal)
Goblin Normal Humanoid Neutral
ST:20 HP:30 G:10
Hobgoblin Normal Humanoid Neutral
ST:30 HP:40 G:30
Hoodlum Strange Humanoid Neutral
ST:40 HP:40 G:40
Deals only 1/2 damage if opposing creature's ST>=40.
Horned Chameleon Rare Animal Neutral
ST:20 HP:30 G:60
Receives land effect from lands of any element.
Little Gray Rare Humanoid Neutral
ST:10 HP:30 G:55
Instant Death: 50% to all creatures.
Lunatic Hare Rare Animal Neutral
ST:20 HP:30 G:30
Battle End: Swaps opponent's ST and HP values.
Migoal Rare Humanoid Neutral
ST:40 HP:40 G:100+ Card
Critical Hit: / Neutralizes:
Mystic Egg Rare Animal Neutral
ST:0 HP:30 G:40
In Battle: Transforms into a different creature based on the item used.
Ninja Strange Humanoid Neutral
ST:40 HP:40 G:90
Attacks First / Scroll Critical Hit
Samurai Strange Humanoid Neutral
ST:50 HP:30 G:90
Instant Death: 30% to Humanoid creatures.
Shade Strange Undead Neutral
ST:40 HP:20 G:40
Attacks First / Attack Bonus: Opponent's ST=0.
Skeleton Strange Undead Neutral
ST:30 HP:30 G:40
Steam Gear Strange Undead Neutral
ST:50 HP:50 G:70
Toll value for occupied territory becomes 1/2.
T-Rex Strange Dragon Neutral
ST:50 HP:60 G:120+Card
Thief Normal Humanoid Neutral
ST:20 HP:40 G:45
Battle Start: Steals opponent's item if using no items of your own.
Unseen Stalker Rare Humanoid Neutral
ST:20 HP:20 G:20
Neutralizes: All non-scroll attacks.
Werewolf Strange Humanoid Neutral
ST:30 HP:30 G:50+Card
In Battle: Transforms into Wolf (60%)
Wolf Normal Animal Neutral
ST:20 HP:40 G:25
Wraith Strange Undead Neutral
ST:10 HP:30 G:55+Card
Instant Death: 60% to Humanoid Animal creatures. / Battle End: Is destroyed.
Zombie Normal Undead Neutral
ST:20 HP:50 G:30
Battle End: Base HP-20

Special Neutral Creatures

Vandal Gear Extra Undead Neutral
ST:60 HP:70 G:250
Cannot be targeted by spells or territory abilities. / Neutralizes: Scroll attacks.

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