Hall of Champions



won the wacky and attrition-filled Chaos League III after some very unusual circumstances resulted in only one playoff match being played. Horned Rabbit was a very good sport and graciously allowed the league to be brought to a conclusion. Thank you!



avenged an earlier loss to IVIad IVIaxx in the final match of our first-ever Interchange Tourney to take the title. The tourney featured a unique format where every player submitted a deck for everyone else to use, but couldn't use their own deck. PezCat's Earth deck was far and away the most popular!


IVIad IVIaxx

battled Marsupial311 in a very hard-fought 30-Card League II final at Alcyon and emerged victorious. It was a rematch from earlier in the season; Marsupial311 battled his way past many great players to earn another shot at IVIad IVIaxx.


IVIad IVIaxx

won Saga Bowl X (can you believe we've had ten Saga Bowls?) by sweeping YO WHAT IS THIS on Kaningun and X in two very intense matches. IVIad IVIaxx also became the first player in the modern era (since Saga Bowl IV) to go undefeated through an entire season. Great job!


IVIad IVIaxx

won the inaugural Starter Deck Tourney by defeating BeenaDreamer on Santana Village in a rough slugfest of a match. In this tourney, 4 new Starter decks were created to go along with the two that are normally playable - Fire+Water, Fire+Air, Water+Earth and Earth+Air!



won the second Chaos League by sweeping the final playoff series 2-0 over xSINxCITYxAPOCx on Santana Village and X. The final series featured a "Choose Your Own Chaos" theme, where each player could create a single-rarity deck for each match, but only use it one time. Intense action ensued.


The Rambling Monk

won the inaugural Theme Tourney by defeating IVIad IVIaxx's Dovahkiin-themed deck with his Cyber Crime-themed deck on Alcyon II. This great tourney featured themes from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog to Twilight, and all points in-between!


Dirk Dorkelson

won Blind League IV and became the Blind League's first two-time champion by defeating Blind Ladder Champion Derceto7 in a very close-fought match on Rocket. Dirk swept through the league undefeated, knocking off former Blind League champion Andyman as well. Very impressive!



took the victory on Jasoya's home map of Santana Village, and then won on his own home map of Blumeer as well, to become the Saga Bowl IX champion. Both players were first-time finalists, having defeated former champions Andyman and IVIad IVIaxx in the first round of the playoffs!



clawed his way to the top by playing (and beating) anyone and everyone - and very often as well - to dethrone IVIad IVIaxx and become the first quarter 2011 Culdcept Central Blind 1v1 Match Ladder champion.


IVIad IVIaxx

was the Culdcept Central Normal 1v1 Match Ladder champion for three quarters running! No one could knock him off his lofty perch for a very long time. His forum signature is loaded with all his fancy medals. Very impressive run.



edged out TheAsianArnold in the third match of the Saga Bowl 8.5 finals to take the championship! Saga Bowl 8.5 was a league for everyone who either had played in previous Saga Bowls and hadn't made the playoffs, or who hadn't played before. Fun stuff.


IVIad IVIaxx

won a 3-way tiebreaker against TheAsianArnold and The Livingston to get into the playoffs and then defeated TheAsianArnold again at Stairway to the Gods to claim the Chaos League I title!


IVIad IVIaxx

won on his home map (Zanador) and then won again on KSThor's home map (Eusia) to sweep the Saga Bowl VIII finals in impressive style, 2-0. He won an amazing three titles in one day with this title and his two 4th Quarter 2010 Ladder championships - a feat that may never be duplicated!


IVIad IVIaxx

took on all comers, navigating the extremely unpredictable conditions of blind match play with great skill to claim the first and second Culdcept Central Blind 1v1 Match Ladder titles, in the third and fourth quarters of 2010, racking up an amazing 22 wins on his way to the top.


IVIad IVIaxx

took it to everyone in the third and fourth quarters of 2010 to become the first Culdcept Central Normal 1v1 Match Ladder champion, compiling an impressive 15-4 record in the process - even more so when you consider that most people use League-quality decks on the Normal Ladder!



overcame a very tough creature-theft / disruption / poverty strategy by Jasoya on Frontline Base with a land-transfer / movement / poverty strategy to win the 30-Card League I championship. Jasoya's Possession caused all kinds of problems, making the match a real tactical battle.


Bromskad &

fought each other (and 3 disconnects) in the first 3-match final series in Saga Bowl history. Both played well, but a disconnect in the final match could not be resolved and a tie was declared.




defeated KSThor mid-season and avoided a loss to him on Windmill in the final by a single turn to take the Blind League III championship. KSThor invented a new blind match strategy involving Fairy Light, Spud Folk, and symbols to make the final match a very intense one!



Dirk Dorkelson

brought Breeding House's 7-match win streak (which included beating Dirk once!) to an end and claimed the Blind League II championship in an epic battle on Grave Canyon. Breeding House very nearly won the title despite losing in the first round of the tourney!




avenged two regular-season losses to Andyman by winning Saga Bowl VI on Kaningun in a race between two very different decks, both built for speed. In classic League style, the title match came right down to the very last turn, with both players having a shot at the win.




won the chaos-filled fifth season by attrition, playing
- and winning - more matches than any other player, most of them over strong opposition. Saga Bowl V was never played, as the season fizzled out at Week 6. However, Bromskad's win over mattinvegas1 at Windmill was as close to a title match as possible - both players were undefeated at the time.



Smack Dave

took the League by storm in his first season, making the playoffs with ease, despite being in a group with some of the most skilled veterans in the game! In the playoffs, he knocked off still more League veterans en route to the title match. Then, in Saga Bowl IV, he used a clever speed-based Water deck at Colosseum II to float right on past Cormac62 for the win.




used her unique brand of ruthless aggression to steamroll her way through the unpredictable matches of the Blind League I bracket and eventually claimed the championship over Whooh05 in a hard-fought match on Illusia!


Cormac62 & mattinvegas1

defeated pb49er and fatherofmany at Zanador using a brutally effective Team Mothman-Red Cap-Goblin-Borgess deck set to win the Alliance League I championship!




added the Saga Bowl III title to his Saga Bowl I runner-up finish by bringing Whooh05's impressive streak to an end at Colosseum II with a deck that - by his own admission - he put together just before the final match. FOM racked up an impressive record during the early seasons of the League, making the playoffs in each of the first four seasons!




took the Saga Bowl II title in an extremely close match on Zanador with mattinvegas1 and his devastating Mothman-Goblin-Idol monstrosity of a deck concept. Ebony Idol and Lead Idol completely destroyed Andyman's land-transfer strategy, leaving him no choice but to play Culdcept 101 - chain, level, defend. It worked out, somehow.




squeaked out a narrow victory over fatherofmany in their Semifinal match on Zanador, which turned out to be Saga Bowl I when the other Semifinal match between Sinzindetta and BerserkGuts22 was never played. Ironically, Jokingly gave his Xbox 360 to his brother right after this match, and may not even know he was the first Saga Bowl Champion!

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