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Sulfurous' Curse (RY, 12/16/22)

Hey all! I saw Andyman's challenge about making a deck with cards that aren't used that often. This is my deck based on Morning Star (This item sucks all types of balls on defense.) and Cursed Seal. I call it Sulfurous' Curse...

3 Barbarian
3 Phoenix
3 Sulfurous Balloon
3 Centaur

1 Boomerang
4 Cursed Seal
3 Eagle Rapier
4 Fire Shield
4 Morning Star

3 Brave Song
1 Chariot
2 Crusher
2 Hunter's Song
3 Illness
2 Intrusion
1 Manna
2 Paralyzer
1 Relief
1 Revival
1 Telegnosis
3 Temperance

Brave Song + Boomerang gives your creatures +40ST. With Eagle Rapier, your ST is +50 - more than enough firepower. I absolutely love Barbarian + Boomerang. I look to invade creatures that are next to each other and I can take out. When you invade with Barbarian + Boomerang and take over the land, since he's Immediate, you're able to move to the next land, pull out the Boomerang, and kill two creatures in one turn. Nice.

With all the downsizing going on, Morning Star is a diesel item for invading. But on defense, it's like the Gladiator. This is exactly why no one uses this damn thing. You almost have to go with 4 Spectre's Robes.

I always forget about Centaur's abilities. He's diesel! Chariot + Centaur + Cursed Seal = Slave Horse. He's going to work! The only item that's useless for Centaur is the Fire Shield. With him being First Attack, he holds his own pretty well. I mainly Chariot him around when I can. And if things get scary, I sub him out for any Fire creature.

Phoenix comes back to your hand after defeat. Makes for a good constant attacker and forces the opponent to use their items. Phoenix + Cursed Seal just isn't right.

Sulfurous Balloon is diesel. It counter attacks -30 to the opposing creature's Base HP upon defeat. If the opposing creature's HP is 30 or less, they go bye-bye. If their HP is 50, that sets up Illness + Intrusion. And after Intrusion, they perish at beginning of Battle.

My 360 is down and I can't lab this deck. OMG, I'm bugging right now! Anyway, I'm not sure if Sulfurous Balloon stacks with Cursed Seal [it does - Andyman]. Isn't necessary really. But Cursed Seal turns your fleet into Sulfurous Balloons. Do keep in mind that in order for the -HP to take effect, your creature has to perish. So, taking over a land with Sulfurous Balloon or Cursed Seal is a bad idea. But, use the two to knock out as much HP as you can.

Sulfurous' Curse has a lot of recycle abilities: Centaur, Phoenix, Chariot, Boomerang, Relief, Revival, and Telegnosis. I'm actually trying to squeeze in a Necromancer somewhere...

I also like the combos:

Illness + Temperance

Paralyzer + Temperance

As always, have fun with this deck and thanks for reading!

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Last Updated on Monday, 22 July 2013 11:25

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