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Deluge (NBG, 24/4/22)

2 Living Claw
3 Living Rapier
2 Ahuizotl
3 Aspidochelone
3 Drool
2 Hyde
2 Lamia
2 Saint
3 Undine
2 Hypno Sloth

2 Angry Mask
2 Gremlin Tooth

1 Acid Rain
2 Chariot
3 Drain Magic
3 Fame
1 Find
2 Gift
3 Influence
2 Intrusion
2 Paralyzer
1 Refuge
2 Relief

Andy and I got together and created this little gem of evil. It's a relentless blue attacking machine. It is designed to drown the map so everything available is blue. Undine or Aspidochelone with Angry Mask is a very mean way of hitting enemies hard. Both are capable of taking the hit without dying themselves, Angry Mask also has a tendency to hit their base HP. Don't worry about that nasty +50HP for land bonus, it hits at the core.

Drool becomes a truly nasty force once you gain a significant chain. With all the influence and Ahuizotl running around, 60, 70, even 90! ST penetrating attacks will run rampant once Chariot begins recycling with any frequency. Give this deck a spin sometime and let me know what you think.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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