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(HoF) モス~ゴブ Moth-Gob (NBY, 14/5/31)

This was one of my original posts that I had put around several sites for a decent book. Ignore mentions of over-explaining. This was made during the era when only the Japanese version was out and not everyone knew what cards were what.

This book changes much and often but the basic premise remains the same. Here is a less "serious", more "fun" sample book for you to play with:

3 Borgess
4 Goblin
3 Red Cap
1 Poseidon
3 Mothman

2 Counter Amulet
3 Necro Scarab

2 Crusher
2 Drain Magic
4 Gift
3 Goblin's Lair
2 Land Protection
1 Polymorph
2 Prophecy
2 Reincarnation
1 Replace
1 Revival
3 Sculpture
1 Sink
1 Suppression
1 Telekinesis
2 Theft
3 Trespass

The main goal of this book is to flood the board with Goblins. Level up Mothman and let the clockwork do the rest. I'll explain each portion as briefly as possible.

Goblins will be everywhere in no time. Don't be too picky where they go, just get them out; you can choose to chain any particular color. Borgess will be a nice boost with the HP+20 to help with defending early on. Poseidon is an extra HP+20 for all defending creatures in play but is not necessary at all times. He mainly provides a nice cushion for Mothman and Red Cap against opposing Counter Amulets. During battle, Red Cap has ST&HP = #of goblins in play x20 and gives all Goblins in play ST&HP+20. No need to explain that combo. In battle, Mothman has ST&HP = Neutral creatures in play x10. Again, no need to explain. Necro Scarab keeps your folks alive and they are still neutral (Skellingtons!). Gift helps cycle the book. Polymorph those annoying creatures opposing you that grease the opponent's 'combo gears'. Sculpture is a last-ditch option if they overwhelm you with annoying cards (Helltics, Idols, etc.). Many powerhouse cards have MHP 30 or less. Sculpture turns all creatures in play with MHP 30 or less into Statues. This also fuels Mothman. You do sacrifice your Goblin army, but the Statues are still hard to kill with Borgess and or Poseidon. Plus, Mothman is who you will be leveling up.

An alternate way to play this idea is to add Powder Eaters and swap out some neutrals for Magma Avatar and/or Storm Avatar. Magma having ST&HP = Fire/Earth lands owned x15 and Storm being the other two. Whichever two lands you decide to chain more you can use the other Avatar as discard fodder for Goblin's Lair or anything else that has discard requirement.

All in all, there's more to this idea, but I wanted to share a basic knowledge of the combo. Enjoy!

Edit: I had a couple of notes about Poseidon. He's not absolutely necessary at all. If you would like to drop him and Sink, and possibly even Replace - go for it. It's just a nice twist to the book and it helps if you have all those Statues from Sculpture. I still get several questions on how to play this book, and other variations. There are no exact set of cards you must have, just to clear that up. Having a good time playing is the most important part.

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