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Goglimar (GY, 22/5/23)

At much prompting from Maxx and Andy I'm posting Goglimar. It's not a League quality deck by any means but it's effective in its own right. You'll see some similarities between this and Maxx's Gogmania deck because he used an earlier version of this as a base.

2 Dwarf
2 Pangolin
2 Revenant
2 Seismodon
2 Fortress
2 Leveller
2 Mutitan
2 Sword Princess
2 Trample Weed
1 Wendigo
3 Gogma

2 Aura Blade
1 Counter Amulet
2 Spiked Shield

3 Crusher
1 Desert Storm
3 Fistfight
3 Gift
1 Insect Swarm
2 Paralyzer
1 Refuge
1 Relief
1 Revival
3 Tempest
2 Time Tide
2 Tough Song

This deck is designed around beefy creatures and mass damage. There isn't a creature in here that has less than 50MHP. With two Tempests and an Insect Swarm, darn near everything is going down. It relies on the fact that most commonly-used creatures in this game are 40MHP or less. When the Tempests hit and wipe everything out, you should have all of your lands intact while your opponent is seriously hurting.

Throw a Time Tide into the mix and it's like the devastation never touched your critters. Fortress polishes off any errant big boys that may have survived on your opponent's side. Aura Blade lends to the inherent high MHP of your creatures to provide big hits while Fistfight keeps your big guys alive and well on high level territories.

Two big hitters in this deck are Leveller and Seismodon. They effectively destroy lands that are too beneficial to the opponent. Seismodon also evolves into Brontides. Another big support creature that benefits all green. I tried to make it so every card in this deck had a use. I hope you like my version of the Gogma deck.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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