Gogmania (GY, 27/4/19)

Well, I just happened to find my Gogma deck tucked away nice and snug in my massive Culdcept deck Excel file.

2 Mummy
4 Odradek
1 Pangolin
1 Seismodon
1 Venomouspore
2 Wall of Stone
2 Fortress
1 Leveller
2 Mutitan
3 Sword Princess
2 Tornado
3 Wendigo
3 Gogma

2 Aura Blade
2 Gaseous Form

1 Chariot
2 Drain Magic
2 Fame
3 Fistfight
4 Gift
2 Insect Swarm
1 Refuge
1 Relief
3 Tempest

The object is to smoke their creatures (with Tempest and Insect Swarm) and not yours (Sword Princess has Phantasm and Odradek sez NO to damage).

I tried to pick a good mix of beefy creatures both to be used as support and to survive if they are on the map when the storms come. It was a little tricky finding big creatures and not getting bogged down with reqs.

It is a mostly a defensive deck, but it does have some offense, too. Overall a very fun deck to play.

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