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Firestration (RB, 18/10/22)

Hey!! I'm mad excited about sharing this deck with you guys. I share a combo that I haven't seen anywhere on this site!! It's diesel!! You can destroy two of your opponents' creatures in one turn and rinse and repeat. I call the combo The Chain Disruptor. I'll share that with you shortly. I'm always looking to create decks around creatures that not many people use. For me, it's all about new ideas and concepts. Anyway, this deck is built around Chimera... here's the setup...

3 Barbarian
3 Chimera
2 Coaloid
3 Fay
1 Hell Pyron
1 Tokebi
2 Volcanic Dragon
3 Quicksilver

2 Boomerang
4 Fire Shield
4 Spiked Shield

3 Brave Song
1 Chariot
2 Conspiracy
2 Fat Body
2 Haste
2 Land Drain
2 Paralyzer
2 Poison Mind
2 Reinforce
1 Revival
2 Telegnosis
1 Upheaval

Whenever you see Quicksilver and Fat Body in a deck, you know there's going to be some manufacturing going on. With Chimera's HP being 50, it makes the process that much easier. Also pay attention to what's in play. You may come across situations when Chimera is the highest Creature in play.

Fat Body Chimera and start using Quicksilver to manufacture more. With Fay, Reinforce, and Haste, your Chimeras will be diesel in no time.

Barbarian, Fay and Tokebi assist with changing land to Fire or moving to Fire lands. Meaning if you land on a non-Fire land, you can use the Territory functions to either change the land to Fire or if the land next to the one you're on is Fire, you can move to the land. And their TAs are extremely helpful.

Play Hell Pyron ASAP. His ST boost along with Brave Song and Boomerang gives your creatures (except Volcanic Dragon) a +50 ST. Don't worry about Volcanic Dragon. Fay has his back. Also, Hell Pyron's TA is diesel and helps with G.

Once you build your Fire lands, Coaloid is force in battle. Your opponent will have to destroy him with magic... and then you get paid.

Finally the combo that's mad fun and I call...

The Chain Disruptor

With Hell Pyron in play, cast Brave Song and invade from your hand with Barbarian + Boomerang. Barbarian's ST will be 100. Invade a land you know you can win and make sure your opponent's creatures are side by side. After the battle is over, since Barbarian is Immediate, you can move him over to the next land. Whip out the Boomerang again and kick some more butt! Then on your next turn, exchange Barbarian for another creature and rinse and repeat somewhere else. Diesel!! This combo doesn't work with Intrusion. It has to be a regular invasion.

I say "from your hand" because you can only trigger his Immediate ability when you first play Barbarian. If he's already in play and you move or Chariot him, you won't trigger his Immediate ability. You can also use Fay or Tokebi. Both of their ST will be 70. Realistically, you don't even have to have Hell Pyron in play. With Barbarian's ST being 90, that should get most things down. I just like to bring the pain!

As always, have fun with this deck and thanks for reading!

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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