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Cancerous Mucus (BGY, 29/0/21)

I don't know where the heck I get these deck names from. I gotta grab your attention somehow, huh? :-D

This deck is built around Brontides. He's a diesel Support creature and more importantly, easy to manufacture. Take a look:

4 Quicksilver
3 Brontides
3 Dryad
2 Necromancer
3 Sage (I have a total of 6,885 cards and counting and only have 3 Sage)
2 Spudfolk
3 Venomouspore
3 Wall of Stone
3 Woodfolk
3 Trample Weed

(no items)

3 Conspiracy
2 Crusher
3 Crusher Storm
2 Land Drain
2 Poison Mind
1 Revival
2 Silence
2 Sinking Song
2 Telegnosis
2 Tough Song

As you can see, this is a Support deck. Zero cool combos or anything flashy. Quicksilver your Brontides ASAP and let the Cancerous Mucus flow.

Your land holders are Brontides, Dryad, Sage, and Woodfolk.

Your items are Venomouspore, Wall of Stone, and Trample Weed. All dirt cheap.

There's zero protection for Necromancer and Spudfolk. They still have a job to do and that's to make money and manufacture items for your army for as long as they can.

Conspiracy and Land Drain assist with G. Crusher, Crusher Storm, and Poison Mind keep troublesome items away.

Sinking Song and Tough Song are great cards for this deck. Anything that's going to diminish blows and cushion your HP is great.

Silence is an incredible card! It's a shame you can only use it for 2 rounds. But if you can't summon creatures, you can't build your army or invade. Cast timely, it could be a huge when you opponent is coming into your area.

As always, have fun with this deck and thanks for reading!

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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