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Financially Jacked (RBG, 17/12/21)

Financially Jacked is another super defensive deck of mine. Zero invading. Here's the setup...

3 Fay
4 Quicksilver
3 Lichenoid
3 Spudfolk
4 Jack-o'-Lantern

4 Diamond Armor
4 Magma Armor
4 Plate Mail

2 Backward
2 Crusher
2 Drain Magic
3 Fat Body
3 Holy Word 0
2 Land Drain
2 Poison Mind
3 Quicksand
2 Telegnosis

Simply Fat Body one Jack-o'-Lantern and use Quicksilver to manufacture more.

Use Fay to boost Jack-o'-Lantern's ST to at least 40. You need to do at least 1 damage to trigger his G bonus and when equipped with the Diamond Armor, you lose 30ST.

Then, Quicksand and Holy Word 0 accordingly.

Also, Jack-o'-Lanterns go well with Spudfolk's ability for gaining G from both Fire and Earth, and that also fuels Magma Armor.

As always, have fun with this deck and thanks for reading.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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