Mesozoic Reloaded (NRBGY, 18/10/22)

Yes, Necromancer makes yet another appearance... love him!! I wanted to build a deck around Mesozoic Song. Needless to say, Saint is automatically in this build. But that is just one set up... which isn't cool. I came up with a few options to really take advantage of Mesozoic Song. Take a look...

3 Bandit
2 Death Scythe
3 Saint
3 Necromancer
2 Gremlin
3 Knight
2 Paladin

3 Diamond Armor
2 Nuclear Fusion
3 Spectre's Robe
2 Stormcauser

2 Crusher
3 Hunter's Song
3 Intrusion
2 Land Drain
3 Mesozoic Song
3 Paralyzer
2 Peace
2 Poison Mind
2 Telegnosis

Casting Mesozoic Song on your opponent turns them into a 50/60 T-Rex. Then cast Hunter's Song.

  • Saint has 80% Instant Death against Neutral creatures.

  • Knight has Critical Hit against creatures with MHP of 50 and up.

  • Paladin has Critical Hit against Neutral creatures.

That gives you 3 options. Which is way cooler than 1. But, the fun is just beginning...

When your opponent's creature is destroyed as a T-Rex, it comes back as a T-Rex. Which means Necromancer goes to work. That gives you another creature to use with Bandit. Along with Knight and Paladin.

Still bored?

Cast Mesozoic Song on yourself and intrude/invade with Gremlin + Stormcauser. Gremlin destroys their item at battle start. You now have a T-Rex with a ST of 110 and a completely defensive creature. Just nasty!

And there's still more!

Mesozoic Song + Bandit + Death Scythe = A 120/60 T-Rex. You can use the rest of the crew as well with Bandit. Preferably on a Paralyzed land.

This is tricky and requires some timing. You can use Mesozoic Song defensively with Gremlin + Diamond Armor.

And finally... Paralyzer + Intrusion + Necromancer + Nuclear Fusion.

There's an abundance of options when running Mesozoic Reloaded.

As always, have fun with deck and thanks for reading.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 12:48

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