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Checkmate (NRY, 21/5/24)

This is the first (and probably my favorite) of the theme decks I used in Theme Tourney 1.0 which ran from fall 2011 to Spring 2012.

This deck's theme (as you might have guessed) is the board game of chess. What makes this deck a bit more interesting for me is the fact that it's a Fire+Air (RY) deck (a combination of colors that I really like despite almost never seeing people use them together). Anyway, because it's a RY deck, one would expect it to have a lot of offense and to be rather expensive. While it's true that it's not a super cheap deck, it is not as expensive as one might think either thanks largely to Fortress and the Ant sub-strategy that it includes.

Also, it proves to be a fair bit more capable of holding lands than one might initially think thanks in large part to Sword Princess, the Ants and the beefy (though cheap) Fortress. The spells for Checkmate are fairly varied and gave me a pretty good variety of things I could do (at least compared to most of my theme decks) and the direct damage capabilities of multiple creatures' Territory Abilities can help keep the foe even further off balance. In all honesty, this deck has not been tested against many people (especially in its final form) and would likely fall flat in most matches against a non-theme style deck but I still enjoy it immensely.

Due to the maps I wound up drawing in the theme tournament, this deck only got used for one match where it faced off against Xdragon Slayer. Checkmate won 7052 to 2770 in 42 rounds, despite Xdragon Slayer scaring me for a while with a dangerous Lilith he had camped out at a place he could potentially strike one of my key lands from.

Ultimately, this deck is probably best used on a medium-sized map with at least moderate amounts of G from laps/towers.

However, with no further ado, allow me to unveil Checkmate, along with explanations of why I choose each card to fit the chess theme:

# Card Name - How it fits the theme:

1 Archbishop - Bishop
1 Trap Spider - Springing traps in chess is fun. (As long as it isn't you that's being trapped.)
1 Barrow Wight - He's a (dead) king (according to flavor text).
2 Helltic - Bishop
3 Hive Queen - Queen… duh.
2 Hive Worker - Every chess game needs Pawns.
2 Fortress - Looks like a Rook to me.
2 Knight - Any questions?
1 Leveller - Some versions of chess had elephants in place of Bishops.
1 Lord of Bane - Lord = King, yes?
2 Nightmare - Looks like the Knight pieces in chess.
3 Sword Princess - Queen

2 Counter Amulet - Sometimes in chess you have to counter the opponent's move.
2 Knight's Shield - Well… a Knight can't go without his shield now can he?
1 Tower Shield - Castling shields the King behind a 'tower' (the Rook).

3 Backward - Any piece except Pawns can move backwards.
4 Capture - In chess, you capture the opponent's pieces.
2 Chariot - For the Pawn's first move, he can move 2 spaces instead of 1. (Also, some version of chess used Chariots instead of Rooks).
3 Foresight - If you aren't thinking ahead, you've already lost in chess.
2 Gift - Sometimes you need to sacrifice a piece to the opponent.
3 Paralyzer - The dreaded stalemate.
2 Refuge - Castling moves the King into a refuge behind the Rook.
2 Relief - Castling essentially swaps the King and Rook's places.
1 Replace - Pawns are "promoted" upon reaching the far end of the board, replacing the Pawn with a more valuable piece.
1 Time Tide - In professional games, players' turns are timed.
1 Trade - Sometimes you 'trade' 1 piece to take 1 of the opponent's.

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