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Menacing Magmas (RG, 23/0/27)

I was brainstorming some ideas with Fire and Earth. The first things that came to mind about these two elements were Immediate, destruction, and defense. With that said, I wanted to make a deck based on the best offensive Fire creature and the best defensive Earth creature. This way, I have both sides covered. I also have a new love for Necromancer. So, things are going to be interesting.

For the Fire part, I went with Volcanic Dragon. His bare naked scroll attack of 60 is very appealing to me. I think trying to defend that consistently wouldn't be pleasant.

My choice for best defensive Earth creature is Magma Avatar. When I first saw this thing, my eyes got big! I thought to myself, "He's only a 30/30?? Awesome!! Necromancer has work to do."

Anyway, here's the build:

3 Tokebi
3 Volcanic Dragon
3 Necromancer
4 Rock Shell
3 Sakuya
3 Spudfolk
4 Magma Avatar

(no items)

3 Conspiracy
2 Crusher
2 Drain Magic
3 Feast
1 Frost Needle
2 Land Drain
3 Paralyzer
4 Peace
3 Poison Mind
2 Telegnosis
2 Wind of Hope

Menacing Magmas was designed for one play though. Each card is played once. There's a technique I call Endless Telegnosis. I'll explain below.

When building Menacing Magmas, I really wanted to focus on those three things I mentioned above (Immediate, destruction, and defense). I wanted creatures that I could use Immediately to deal with color requirements. As far as destruction and defense, Volcanic Dragon and Magma Avatar have that covered.

Magma Avatar goes extremely well with Spudfolk. Magma Avatar is a dual-element creature and Spudfolk capitalizes from both Fire and Earth creatures. Sakuya is there to assist with changing land color and chaining. Rock Shell is another option for selecting color. And more importantly, his TA of casting Peace on himself is huge. So, cast Peace on him ASAP. I selected Tokebi for my Fire Immediate creature, for his cheap G cost and great TA.

I added spells that are going to generate G and draw cards, and some to take away cards from your opponent and slow them down. Let's jump into the strategy...

Menacing Magmas was designed to cause Immediate destruction right here, right now. Fire and Earth are a very powerful color combination. All of the creatures in this build work extremely well together. They form an amazing team. For me, team means: Together Everyone Accomplishes More. And this team gets things going incredibly fast!

Your first goal is to acquire three lands: two red and one green. Those are the land requirements for Magma Avatar and Volcanic Dragon. Most of my creatures have the Immediate ability, so land requirement is an non-issue. You could potentially have both Magma Avatar and Volcanic Dragon in play relatively early in the game...round 4 or round 5.

Magma Avatar becomes beastly real fast! With just owning a combination 5 green and red lands, MA is a bare goblin naked 75/75. Already?? I haven't did anything! So imagine when you get to 7, 9,12 lands. It's not going to be nice. And if you're stopping my 75/75 Magma Avatar, you're working!! All I'm doing is pressing Start. Yeah, zero weapons.

I avoided putting weapons by design. With Magma Avatar and Volcanic Dragon, you really do not need them. And if they die, that's cool. Remember, dying fuels your army. Dying is a huge part of this deck. Get it though your head. You have Necromancer to feed.

Another huge part of running Menacing Magmas is the the hard work being done by your quiet team members. Tokebi, Rock Shell, and Spudfolk are responsible for the G flow. I cast Peace on at least one of each, including Necromancer and Sakuya. Without items, I can't defend them. So, I just want to avoid combat. And if they die, you know the drill.

Playing this deck is easy and straightforward. Play creatures as often as you can and use your creatures' territory abilities wisely.

Once again, Magma Avatar gets powerful lightning fast! So, do your best to put in in any action as much as you can, especially in the beginning when he's a 30/30 or 45/45. This thing is going to get stronger and stronger as you grow your lands. He's going to get over 200/200. At that point, he becomes hard to beat and becomes useless to Necromancer. So, keep that in mind.

Favorite combo
There are no combos. But, this is the mindset I have when running Menacing Magmas: Necromancer + Poison Mind = Shopping

Having Necromancer basically turns your stock of creatures, into my stock of creatures - also known as my personal stash. So, every now and then, I'm going to take a peek to see what's going. OK? :)

I really love running this deck! Have fun with this one and thanks for reading!

When destroying a creature with Poison Mind, that does not count towards Necromancer's TA. I tested it... it blows. I destroyed a creature right? Well, you don't know until you try, huh?

  • Magma Avatar vs. an Earth creature equipped with Fire Shield, Magma Avatar produces 0 damage.

  • Magma Avatar vs. a Fire creature equipped with Earth Shield, Magma Avatar produces 0 damage.

  • Magma Avatar vs. any creature that neutralizes Earth or Fire, Magma Avatar produces 0 damage.

  • Magma Avatar hates seeing his reflection. It's deadly.

Magma Avatar and Spudfolk work extremely well together. Five Magma Avatars in play = ten creatures for Spudfolk... five Fire and five Earth, which fuels Spudfolk's TA and death bonus. It makes for some good G. So, that's cool.

Endless Telegnosis
Finally! The one card I haven't talked about yet: Frost Needle!

I use Frost Needle to purposely kill Magma Avatar to generate more via Necromancer. But, I cast it at the very end of the 50-card count. 48, to be exact. This is what I do...

I make sure I have one Frost Needle (there's only one, so be careful to avoid discarding it) in my hand along with one Telegnosis. Pay close attention to the card count. When there's two cards remaining (press the Select button and you'll see remaining cards 2/50), cast Frost Needle on a Magma Avatar. Then, on your very next turn, cast Telegnosis. Every single time you're in the spell phase of your turn, continue to cast Telegnosis. There's only two cards remaining... the two Telegnosis and they keep recycling each other, giving you an endless supply of Telegnosis.

Thanks again for reading.

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