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Critical Paralysis (GY, 15/12/23)

Here's a deck I call Critical Paralysis. The original deck name was The Tengu Factory. I just changed it before posting time. I wanted to build a deck that utilizes the Scroll Critical Hit ability. It's very powerful and a lot people really don't stock up on anti-scroll items. So, I wanted to take advantage of that. Take a look...

3 Necromancer
2 Nike
2 Sylph
4 Tengu
4 Wyvern

3 Gaseous Form
3 Nuclear Fusion
1 Soul Ray
2 Tearing Halo
3 Vorpal Sword

1 Chariot
3 Conspiracy
2 Crusher
2 Hunter's Song
2 Intrusion
2 Land Drain
2 Paralyzer
2 Poison Mind
1 Relief
2 Telegnosis
3 Weathering

Tengu and the crew
My first obvious choice of Scroll Critical Hit creature is Tengu. Very powerful! And where there's Tengu, there's always Nike. That's just how it is. You don't eat jelly sandwiches, do you? Exactly... they go together. She sets him up for Intrusion + Nuclear Fusion. I love that sound.

Wyvern is always around looking for scraps. He's great on both sides. And where there's a lot of yellow, there's Sylph! I love her! She's a diesel invader! She holds her own on defense until she turns into Garuda. These 4 yellow creatures go together so well. Makes for a solid build.

When I first thought of Necromancer and Tengu in the same deck, my eyes got big. I immediately thought, "I can make a factory of Tengus!" Hence the old deck name.

Necromancer is an awesome creature to me. He has Scroll Critical Hit and a Territory Ability that returns last destroyed creature to hand. And he can use Intrusion too? Very nice! I go into combat with Tengu and Nike and purposely die. That's when Necromancer goes to work. I love it.

As you can see, this is a very offensive build. Only have 3 Gaseous Forms. With 3 of the 5 creatures having Attacks First ability, your offense is your defense. And with Necromancer, dying is the key to prosperity. So, don't get wrapped up in dying. Dying is awesome.

I'm a huge fan of multipurpose items and creatures. I know how people are with their setups and holding cards and that's fine. I do the same. However, for me, I try to match up everything! There's a lot of cards that work extremely well together.

I love how Necromancer and Tengu can both use all the scrolls and intrude. Adds flexibility to my scroll attacks and it's mad cheaper to intrude with Necromancer.

You have Conspiracy, Land Drain, and Hunter's Song to generate G. Use Crusher and Poison Mind to piss em off. Paralyzer and Intrusion sets up Tengu and Necromancer with Nuclear Fusion and the other scrolls. Use Weathering as much as you can. With this being an Air deck, there's zero issues with moving around. I just love Chariot and Relief.

This deck gives you the option to attack strongly physically and with scrolls. It's always great to have multiple attack options. The deck is real easy to play. There's nothing fancy. Get out your creatures on yellow ASAP, use Necromancer as much as you can. 4 Tengus and 4 Nikes are hard to deal with. Imagine 10 Tengus and 10 Nikes?

Favorite combo
Necromancer + Poison Mind = Shopping. It's not a combo per se. It's a mindset. When I am looking at your hand, I get excited about the creatures you have to offer me.

Nike and Tengu/Wyvern
Nike is always in my hand and Tengu/Wyvern make quick work of her victims.

Necromancer/Tengu and scrolls
I'm really loving Necromancer in this deck! He's grinding it out on the battlefield producing fuel for Garuda. And if you need him to bring the the heat with Nuclear Fusion, he's there. Tengu is diesel.

Anyway, have fun with this one and thanks for reading!

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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