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LemonLime (GY, 20/8/22)

Whooh05, IVIad IVIaxx, and I were talking in the chat one day about how we had never seen a really good Gogma deck, so we all brainstormed a bit and we each came up with some pretty cool decks. Here is mine:

4 Branch Army
4 Mudman
4 Garuda
4 Sylph
4 Gogma

2 Boomerang
2 Catapult
2 Counter Amulet
2 Prismatic Wand

2 Acid Rain
2 Chariot
3 Crusher
2 Fame
4 Gift
3 Paralyzer
2 Relief
4 Wind of Hope

Basically, my deck takes advantage of the fact that Gogma counts as an Earth creature and as an Air creature where in-battle abilities are concerned. In other words, Mudman gets +5 HP and Garuda gets +10ST/+10HP from the same Gogma being on the map. I wouldn't say it helps as much as having Crimson Vine, Jack-o'-Lantern, and Magma Avatar in my Magma deck, but it does help, and Gogma's completely awesome Territory Ability (raises a level 1 territory to level 3) more than makes up for it. Considering that Branch Army turns into Mudman and Sylph turns into Garuda, I can have 8x Mudman and 8x Garuda on the map at one time - all at level 3 or more - before my deck resets. Scary.

You might think that having an Earth req, two Air reqs, an Earth land limit, and an Air land limit would be hard to deal with. Fortunately, since 12 creatures have no reqs and 12 have no limits - and with 2x Chariot and 2x Relief - it really isn't a problem at all. I can usually get all three reqs in less than 5-6 turns and the rest is easy after that. It becomes even easier if my opponent is using Earth and/or Air creatures themselves.

Prismatic Wand also takes advantage of Gogma's dual-element nature because the Wand always works. It doesn't matter if one of a dual-element creature's elements matches its opponent - the game sees that the other element doesn't match, and activates the Wand. The only time it might not work is against another dual-element creature with the same two elements, but I've never seen that scenario happen. I'll have to test it someday here. :-)

The rest of the items are your basic dual-purpose arsenal. Since Mudman can't use Armor, I opted for mostly Weapons and included Boomerang so I'm likely to have something in hand to help out. Overall, though, the creatures in this deck really don't need item help. In its first match online, Garuda was up to 160/160 and rampaging all over the place.

Spell-wise, this deck is very straightforward. Lots of deck compression to keep the cards coming, Acid Rain to keep pesky idols away (Marble Idol especially), Fame to take advantage of Gogma's TA, Crusher and Paralyzer to soften up opponents, and Chariot and Relief to move stuff around as needed.

It is very fun to play, and just keeps on getting stronger as the match progresses. I've only played it 1v1 so far, but it probably works pretty well in free-for-all play as well.

Like this deck and want to build your own like it?

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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