LandHere (R, 16/11/23)

This deck was inspired by Whooh's BoGreed deck, but since there is no Greed in it... well, it's not BoGreed. I must admit about 20 of the cards are copied from Whooh's deck, but I think it plays a bit differently.

4 Barbarian
4 Boggart
4 Cait Sith
4 Gas Cloud

2 Counter Amulet
3 Eagle Rapier
4 Gaseous Form
2 Metamorphose Belt

4 Fame
4 Fat Body
2 Find
2 Holy Word 1
2 Holy Word 2
2 Holy Word 3
2 Influence
2 Land Protection
3 Wind of Hope

I've dabbled with Gladiator, Backward, and Holy Word 0, along with Upheaval. I recently played a build similar to the one above in a three player match and I think it is my best version.

I will add Permission / Trespass depending on map and whether or not it is multiplayer.

This is a pretty simple, fun, defensive deck. The fun part of this deck is to fatten up a ghost or two, Land Protect the ghost, make them land on it, use an item if needed, and get paid.

Fat Body can be used on Gas Cloud well. Use your Holy Words on yourself early to get your creatures into position. Attack with Barbarian, or just use him to grab that red land.

I've had success with it both 1 vs. 1 and multiplayer Free For All. Even made some monumental comebacks! Enjoy! :-D

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 12:48

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