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Necro (NG, 20/11/19)

When there's no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the Earth. - from Dawn of the Dead

4 Skeleton
3 Wraith
3 Bone Golem
3 Mummy
3 Necromancer
4 Revenant

2 Boomerang
4 Necro Scarab
3 Spectre's Robe
2 Spiked Shield

2 Chariot
1 Find
4 Gift
3 Paralyzer
1 Relief
4 Spartoi
4 Wind of Hope

I've liked Skeleton and Spartoi since they first appeared in Culdcept for the PS2/DC, but it wasn't until this tandem gained an entourage in Culdcept Saga that they really became a force to be reckoned with. If you're a long-time member of Culdcept Central, you probably know that I've experimented quite a bit with one or both of these cards in various deck ideas. Some ideas have worked out really well (The Horde), while others wound up being more for fun than for competitive play (The Undead). I think I've managed do both with Necro - that is, created a very fun deck that is still competitive.

A few aspects of the deck contribute to this, but the key card is Necro Scarab (hence the deck's name). Not only is it an extremely good defensive item, but it combos extremely well with Wraith and - to my pleasant surprise - with Mummy. Wraith suddenly becomes a very viable land thief, and Mummy reimburses you for dying and still keeps the land. With 3 Bone Golems in the deck, you can upgrade both resurrected Skeletons and hold those lands even better.

Just like in the movies, the undead in Necro are completely relentless. With so many creatures having Regenerates abilities (and Revenant has Regenerates-on-morph), they can just keep pounding away until their victim dies - and with all the Paralyzer action in this, enemy creatures really don't have a choice. Even better - and in classic zombie movie style - the creatures in your opponent's deck can become part of your own army, thanks to Necromancer - or you can revive your own stuff, whatever works that match. While testing against Flammefleur, I resurrected 3 of his Barbarians for my own use and just completely went to town on him with Boomerang. He had 2 lands left by the time I got done with him. >:-)

The item selection also complements and enhances the regeneration by enabling the creatures to take damage and survive without a scratch, and to do more damage to enemy creatures at the same time. Boomerang adds just enough ST and HP to make every creature in this deck a force to be reckoned with, especially since it recycles to hand. Spectre's Robe and Spiked Shield make opponents think twice about invading (who wants to waste G invading a creature that's just going to regenerate at the end of battle?) and very often enable your own invaders to take land in one try that might take two or three tries otherwise.

Spell-wise, Necro is focused completely on increasing the aggression and drawing the cards needed as often as possible. That's it, nothing else. No worrying about mass damage (see all the 40+MHP creatures?), no stressing about idols (just Paralyze and/or kill them), no bothering with gimmicky strategies... just take over the whole map, one undead-occupied land at a time. :-)

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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