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Mayhem (NRBY, 23/11/16)

4 Baldanders
3 Trap Spider
3 Tokebi
3 Saint
3 Yeti
3 Dhampir
4 Spectre

2 Boomerang
3 Prismatic Wand
3 Spectre's Robe
3 Spiked Shield

2 Chariot
3 Erosion
1 Find
4 Gift
2 Relief
4 Wind of Hope

I built Mayhem as a direct solution to a couple of problems I have with multiplayer Free-For-All matches online in Culdcept Saga:

1) When you're losing and there isn't much hope of a comeback, FFA matches can lose their fun value pretty quickly. You have a few choices at that point: you can quit (which sucks for everyone), you can just tough it out while having no fun (which sucks for you), OR... you can make the game tons of fun win or lose (which is the ideal solution!)

2) Probably 90% of the FFA decks I see used on Live are: Neutral, Fire, and/or Earth-based Support decks, or Neutral-based Goblin spam decks. Some may find these fun, but there really are no surprises in store when you see them. No, the fun with these two deck type is in giving them as many problems as you possibly can... without using these deck types yourself. Easier said than done!

So, one day I sat down and took a long look at Culdcept Saga's card list to try and build a deck that encompasses both of these ideals and still is a very competitive FFA deck.

What type of deck is fun win or lose? Answer: one that is completely unpredictable. IVIad IVIaxx and I have had some ridiculously fun matches where both of us used Chaos decks, which include as many random elements as possible. It really doesn't matter who wins, because Baldanders + Spectre's Robe vs. Baldanders + Prismatic Wand is just endless hilarity. :-D

What type of deck counters both Support decks and Goblin decks? Answer: A few do - Attacks First+Paralyzer, Sculpture, Sea Bonze... but none of those is all that viable in FFA matches due to various problems (high cost, Paralysis vulnerability, etc.) I thought I might just have to stick with the aforementioned Chaos plan, but that wasn't all that satisfying and not terribly strong on its own... I wanted something unique, something that would virtually always give Support and Goblins trouble. But what?

Inspiration arrived in the form of Diarna and her The 3rd deck. I was testing the Chaos FFA deck prototype vs. Diarna, Rilara, and Gottlieb. Diarna was having a rough game and was in a very distant 4th place when she invaded Gottlieb's level 4 Sharazad with a Yeti and owned it Instant Death-style. Fun! Three turns later, she owned Rilara's level 5 Thief the same way with Saint, and just like that, Diarna went from last place to first. :-O

I hopped on the site immediately and pulled up the Creatures - Instant Death list. Jackpot! Saint, Yeti, and Dhampir neutralize and can instantly kill Neutral, Fire, and Earth creatures, respectively - in short, they're as perfect a counter to Support and Goblin decks as Culdcept Saga has. And look, they just happen to match the same elements as Baldanders and Spectre! Realizing that epic levels of fun were at hand, I began combining the Chaos and Instant Death ideas, and in a very short time, a ludicrously fun, very viable FFA deck emerged.

Not so fast though... there's a problem using those 3 Instant Death creatures. If you're killing Fire and Earth creatures with Water and Air ones, chances are you're going to have a pretty hard time holding the lands you take since the land doesn't match. One Paralyzer+Intrusion - way too common online - and you're dead. Answer: Tokebi. Yep, you guessed it... I don't try to hold the high lands I take - it's very hard to hold anything for long in FFA anyway - I just want to hold them long enough to convert them to G.

But even that's not enough to ensure endless fun win or lose, so I took the whole thing up a notch. I added:

- Plenty of Chariot and Relief to keep the pressure on and to shake off those pesky enchantments that everyone seems to love in FFA.
- A heavy amount of items, virtually all of which can be used on offense and defense, to counter Crusher Storm without resorting to weak Item Creatures and which enable endless conundrum scenarios to enhance the fun!
- Erosion. The extreme popularity of a small set of cards in FFA play - and the fact that I'm not using those cards for the most part - gives this very underused 20G mass-effect spell some seriously sharp teeth, especially when you consider what cards Support and Goblin players find most valuable and are most likely to hang onto!
- Loads of card-drawing power, to keep all of the above in your hand, to be inflicted on your opponents virtually at will. :-)

Like this deck and want to build your own like it?

We've done the work for you! Click here to go straight to the Culdcept Saga Deck Builder and customize as you see fit! :-)

Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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