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Skyrim! (NRY, 24/10/16)

1 Bandit - There are bandits o'plenty in Tamriel.
1 Fighter - What's a good RPG without the most basic player character class?
1 Giant Rat - Rats everywhere in Elder Scrolls... somebody call an exterminator!
1 Skeleton - Gotta have animated skeletons guarding dusty old crypts.
1 Thief - Stealing stuff is just way too fun in the Elder Scrolls games.
1 Wraith - Good luck killing these without magic or an enchanted weapon!
1 Barbarian - DOVAKIIN!
1 Bia - The more enemies around, the more pain that can be inflicted...
1 Conjurer - Need something? Make it from magic!
1 Dragon Lord - I can't wait to battle Alduin the World Eater.
1 Fire Giant - I laughed when I saw a giant scooped up and dropped by a dragon.
1 Heat Imp - These little winged cretins were all over in Oblivion.
1 Minotaur - These will probably return in Skyrim also.
1 Sorcerer - Magic-users are so fun to play in Elder Scrolls.
1 Volcanic Dragon - Dragons are in Skyrim! Hurray!
1 Assassin - They've taken backstabbing to a whole new level in Elder Scrolls V.
1 Fortress - So many fortresses in Elder Scrolls filled with treasure for me.
1 Knight - Plate armor? Check. Longsword and shield? Check. Let's go kill stuff.
1 Lightning Dragon - Did I mention dragons are in Skyrim? Dragons are in Skyrim!
1 Sleipnir - A horse helps you travel the world much easier and more quickly.
1 Spectre - No tomb is complete without ghosts of those interred there.
1 Spriggan - Yeah, this card looks nothing like the Spriggans in Elder Scrolls.
1 Sword Princess - The armor in Elder Scrolls offers a little more protection than hers.
1 Yellow Ogre - Not sure if ogres will return in Skyrim, but I hope so.

1 Battle Axe - Axe in one hand, fire spell in the other... good times.
1 Chain Mail - Stronger than leather, but not as heavy as plate.
1 Claymore - Bigger sword, bigger damage.
1 Knight's Shield - You can shield-bash in Skyrim!
1 Leather Armor - The armor you'll probably wear first in Skyrim. Light, but weak.
1 Long Bow - Archery has been enhanced in Skyrim. Way too cool.
1 Long Sword - One in each hand and pretend you're Drizzt Do'Urden!
1 Mace - One in each hand and pretend you're John Bonham!
1 Plate Mail - So shiny, so strong, so... slow and heavy. Ugh.
1 Scale Armor - Dragon armor is in Skyrim!

1 Brave Song - Great for tough battles and frolicking in taverns.
1 Drain Magic - Render those pesky enemy magicians harmless.
1 Fame - Hey! You're the hero of Kvatch! Err... sorry, wrong game.
1 Find - This is what you do most often in Elder Scrolls, and it's so fun. :-)
1 Fog - This looks so pretty in the screenshots. I'm sure it'll be even better in-game.
1 Goblin's Lair - Why were these nuisances so tough in Oblivion? Hope they're not now.
1 Haste - You will run for your life on occasion in Elder Scrolls.
1 Intrusion - You mean this was your cave. Prepare to die!
1 Manna - Gold... magic... whatever. Just gimme it.
1 Mountain Leap - To your death, probably. AAAaaa... <thud>
1 Plain Leap - Word is, no more leaping around to level Acrobatics. Sweet.
1 Prophecy - Maybe we'll find out what the big deal is about being The Dragonborn.
1 Theft - Red icon = green light to add to inventory... just don't get caught!
1 Trade - You'll be visiting merchants early and often in Skyrim, just as before.
1 Trespass - Oh, I'm sorry... did you mean for that locked door to keep me out?
1 Triumph - Or load from previous save. Your choice!

Before you say anything... yeah, I know you can't actually put Dragon Lord in a deck. Just put Dragonewt in instead. Hehe.

I limited this to Neutral-Red-Yellow to make it a bit more playable and cohesive (and battle-happy, like Elder Scrolls!). Are there Elder Scrolls-style Water and Earth creatures? Sure. Make your own Elder Scrolls-themed Culdcept Saga deck and post it... it'll help us pass the time until November 11th!

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