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Binge Drinking Deck (RBGY, 18/7/25)

I hope this one gets me in the Hall, lol. If not, oh well. But thanks to the ones who started this fire. Here's the first copy of the deck.

2 Fay - Your Servers / Other chicks at the club
2 Drool - Drinking slumber can induce Drooling.
4 Gelatinous Wall - Jello Shots
3 Wall of Ice - Ice coolers for the BEER!
4 Dwarf - Dwarves love to drink!
3 Sword Princess - Your typical hot chicks at the club or bar. Little liquid courage could help.

2 Gaseous Form - That's safe to drink... right?
3 Sleep - Kinda happens after a few... dozen...
2 Smoke Torch - A little smoke with your drink, sir/ma'am?

2 Aurora - Had a few, and now seeing things.
2 Blackout - I think I'm going... to... (!Flop!)
2 Brave Song - Booze and singing... better combo?
2 Debility - Nope... legs won't work anymore.
2 Disbelief - No... I' fine... I''e no' dri'k too mush...
2 Fat Body - Beer Gut... enough said.
2 Fistfight - It's an Irish Pub!
2 Fog - No officer, I couldn't have done that!
2 Gravity - Silly Gravity... always playing jokes on those poor drunks.
3 Reflection - What you do AFTER you wake up the next morning.
2 Sinking Song - Like Brave Song... only drunker.
2 Upheaval - Alcohol coming out where it first came in.

Thank you for getting this ball rolling!!!

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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