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Berlin Wall (NBG, 22/7/21)

1 Beast Gear
1 Ground Gear
1 Living Claw
2 Skeleton
1 Sky Gear
2 Trap Spider
4 Medusa
4 Cockatrice
1 Hardrock Dragon
3 Hypno Sloth
2 Spiny Agama

3 Battering Ram
2 Magma Armor
2 Spectre's Robe

2 Acid Rain
1 Echo
1 Holy Word 0
1 Holy Word 1
1 Holy Word 2
1 Holy Word 3
1 Holy Word 6
1 Holy Word 8
1 Mass Phantasm
3 Mimicry
1 Revelation
2 Silence
1 Soul Hunt
2 Spartoi
2 Wall Transform

The main idea of the deck is to turn everything into Statues and Walls of Stone. After they are turned, come at them repeatedly until they are conquered. Hold lands with Cockatrice and Medusa so that anything coming in will be turned. It is a very annoying (but very effective) strategy against those defensive types. Battering Rams are there for... well, duh. Wall killers. I have Acid Rain in there for those annoying Wonder Walls. Wall Transform is for those huge monsters.

Basically, the Skeletons are land holders until I get other creatures to them, or I get a Mimicry. The Gears are there in case the stars line up, or I am able to hold more creatures than normal for support cases (mostly defense). I will usually drop the Ground Gear when I have Sky Gear in my hand.

If you notice the massive amount of Holy Words and Hypno Sloths, well... you go where I want you to go, or I go past all of your huge stuff. It's very good when I have a Cockatrice in prime position to take out that annoying Dragon that has been hounding me all game.

Basically, this deck is a beginner-style attack deck. It has defensive and offensive capabilities in it. It can make for a long game, but you will always be in the game. The last deck I lost to was the Faustina (Darkness), but I was in the game throughout the entire game... losing only at the very end to chaining mass damage spells.

It is very competitive for my first really strong deck. I hope you guys like my Anti-Wall ideas here. Take care all.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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