The Horde (NRBGY, 19/6/25)

3 Borgess
4 Brass Idol
2 Ivory Idol
3 Marble Idol
2 Red Cap
2 Poseidon
1 Mothman
1 Magma Avatar
1 Storm Avatar

2 Gaseous Form
2 Gremlin Tooth
2 Spectre's Robe

3 Crusher
2 Fear
4 Feast
4 Goblin's Lair
2 Mass Phantasm
4 Poison Mind
1 Refuge
1 Revival
4 Spartoi

The Horde really couldn't be much easier to play than it is. The idea is summon a creature (normally or with Goblin's Lair or Spartoi), at every opportunity - at least 1 creature every turn, if possible. The goal is to flood the map as quickly as you can. Don't worry about being hit with Land Drain - though your opponent will steal 20G per creature, you're making 50G per creature with Feast! (That's 2.5x as much, for the math-impaired.)

Creature cards
Get Brass Idol, Marble Idol, and Borgess onto the map ASAP. Brass Idol is the fuel that makes this deck go, Marble Idol makes it hard for your opponent to summon creatures, and Borgess helps keep your Neutral creatures alive. You probably notice that this deck has a fair number of S and R-rarity cards, so summon Ivory Idol only if you see that your opponent's deck has an unusually high number of S and R-rarity cards. Otherwise, just discard Ivory Idol with Goblin's Lair, Spartoi, or Refuge.

Given that Marble Idol will be on the map most of the time, hold Mothman and the 2 Avatars to use for invading as needed. You can also hold Red Cap if you feel that your Goblins can fend for themselves well enough with just Borgess and Poseidon's HP bonuses. With 5 of the heaviest hitters in Culdcept Saga in this deck (and Gremlin Tooth), you'll have no trouble at all taking your opponent's high-level lands for yourself.

Item cards
The Horde's items are intended to be dual-use, but leaning toward defensive play. I included Gaseous Form over Counter Amulet for a couple of reasons: 1) 70G N rarity is a whole lot better than 100G R rarity in this deck, and 2) Your opponent can't use Gaseous Form against you after stealing it. Gremlin Tooth is included as much as an invasion deterrent as it is to smash whatever they might use. I included Spectre's Robe because it's just so darn useful - and it also has a nasty habit of killing their 1 summon-able creature when they're trying (and failing) to use that same creature to kill you. You might think that 6 items isn't enough, but considering that The Horde prefers a medium-to-large map to flourish and that you have Brass Idol helping you draw 2 cards every turn, 6 is more than enough.

Spell cards
Naturally, Feast is your go-to card. If you draw it, and you have even a small edge in owned territories, cast it. You might not realize it, but in this deck, Feast can easily soar into thousands of G. You're flooding the map to make your opponent's life difficult, but you're also flooding it to make Feast just unbelievably valuable. It is awesome, and with Brass Idol down, you'll draw it as much as a dozen times in a match. :-D

The other spell cards are optimized for Brass Idol's extra drawing power. As often as you can, let rip a Doublecast combo - Crusher + Spartoi, Poison Mind + Goblin's Lair... whatever is most effective at that moment. Whenever possible with Poison Mind, destroy your opponent's playable creatures before he gets to draw them. (That is, creatures he doesn't already have on the map - Marble Idol, remember?)

Refuge is included because you'll flood the map so quickly that it will become harder and harder to cast Goblin's Lair (which is also why this deck has 4x Spartoi)... you might as well convert a card to 80G while you're waiting to spam the map with more minions!

Fear is a truly evil element in The Horde. Your opponent is going to have a rough time finding land to claim for himself, and when he does, you can force some of his creatures right back into his hand. But, because Brass Idol is on the map, he's likely to have a full hand, meaning that his unsummoned creature will probably be destroyed instead. With any luck, he won't see the danger and you'll Fear away a high-level creature and then move one of your nearby creatures onto the newly empty land (and you will have a nearby creature). Fun!

Revival and Mass Phantasm are your insurance spells. Revival counters Suppression. Mass Phantasm counters mass damage - if you see mass damage spells at all, put Mass Phantasm on every time you draw it... you'll be glad you did.

I can hear you now: "What do I do with all this extra G I have?" And you definitely will have extra G... lots and lots of extra G, thanks to Feast and your insanely high lap bonuses. You can use one or both of these strategies: 1) Invest the G in symbols if you're confident your opponent is carrying little or no anti-symbol cards, and/or 2) Level creatures all over the place to level 2 and 3. Why only level 2 and 3? By spreading out your leveling, you create far too many fires for your opponent to put out, you increase the odds he'll land on high(er) tolls, and it won't hurt as much if you happen to lose one of your leveled lands. That said, he's going to have a really hard time killing anything of yours, anyway. Aside from having a hard time summoning anything, he'll find that your Goblins will be upwards of 90HP in battle, your Skeletons will be upwards of 80HP in battle... heck, even your idols will be upwards of 60HP in battle!

Of course, some people are going to absolutely despise this deck because of their loathing for Goblin decks in general, so don't be surprised if you get some backlash online and/or opponents quitting early on you. But, if you like playing with Goblin decks, you'll have all kinds of fun with this one.

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