T'ao T'ieh (NRG, 19/10/21)

3 Sanctum Guard
2 Trap Spider
4 Chimera
3 Fay
3 Lichenoid
4 T'ao T'ieh

2 Aura Blade
2 Boomerang
2 Coin of Piety
2 Counter Amulet
2 Spectre's Robe

2 Chariot
2 Fistfight
4 Paralyzer
3 Reinforce
2 Relief
2 Upheaval
2 Wild Growth
4 Wind of Hope

I built this deck in response to IVIad IVIaxx's T'ao T'ieh Overlooked Card Challenge in the forum. It originally started out as a very different Neutral/Water/Earth deck with Fungonoid as T'ao T'ieh's Water counterpart, but a fun free-for-all match with OldGamer67 and IVIad IVIaxx revealed that it wasn't nearly as good at aggressive play as it needed to be. So, after some thought, I replaced Water with Fire and made some other enhancements, and the result is what you see above.

While it's not the best deck in the world, it is extremely fun, mostly because you're always trying to make Sanctum Guard, Chimera, and T'ao T'ieh as big and scary as possible. If you manage to make even two or three creatures powerful on the map, you're likely to win the game. T'ao T'ieh, especially, is just a big furry juggernaut with teeth... after only two victories, not much is standing in his way (and anything that does just makes him hungrier!).

Naturally, this deck just isn't going to work on a large map. It needs victims. Lots of them. Small to medium-sized maps are its playground, and you should play very aggressively. If you play defensively, chances are good that your opponent will simply beat you with G spells (of which this deck has none). Instead, use Chariot and Relief to help you shake off any unwanted enchantments and to keep the aggression level high. Kill at every opportunity and laugh hysterically every time you see the chomping jaws battle animation.

Fay and Lichenoid are here to assist with the initial Fire and Earth land grab (you need one of each for Chimera and T'ao T'ieh, respectively), and to help start the carnage that much more quickly, along with Reinforce. As you might imagine, a Fay boost on a key attacker, and a Lichenoid boost or two on a key land holder, and you're in business. Chimera also gets stronger all by itself, and it will be a rare match when you don't have at least two of them on the map with 100 ST each. Considering that Chimera also has Attacks First ability, there isn't much that is going to even hurt it, much less kill it.

The deck obviously does most of its damage by Paralyzer and Trap Spider creating helpless victims, but Fistfight, Upheaval, and Wild Growth add to the carnage... not to mention they can each be used for your benefit as well (80/80 T'ao T'ieh + Fistfight = Sea Bonze from hell!) The non-temple symbol action is a subtle bonus. You will find increasingly often that you don't even need a weapon to win a battle, so equip Coin of Piety and give yourself a little extra G... it really adds up over the course of the match!

Even with all that, the deck still lacked enough brute-force offense in some scenarios, but Whooh05 solved that problem in the chat the other day... Aura Blade. It's just about a given +40ST in this deck, and only gets stronger from there as the match progresses. The really scary part is that you can hold the big sword in reserve and let Boomerang handle the easier battles.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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