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Rejected (NBGY, 19/11/20)

The basic idea behind Rejected is that it is built to annihilate Support decks. I used this on my home map of X in season 8.5 with the understanding that many players would use Support on such a small map. I faced DaBlob in one of my matches and my opponent barely exceeded 500 TG for the entire match. Other Support decks have suffered similar fates. That said, it also plays consistently well against non-Support decks.

3 Armored Dragon
1 Samurai
3 Thief
2 Quicksilver
1 Hardrock Dragon
4 Gremlin
3 Lightning Dragon
2 Nike

3 Counter Amulet
2 Eagle Rapier
1 Metamorphose Belt
3 The Hand
2 Wind Shield

2 Crusher
1 Drain Magic
1 Find
1 Land Protection
4 Manna
2 Paralyzer
4 Permission
1 Poison Mind
1 Replace
1 Telekinesis
1 Triumph
1 Weathering

Now let's talk strategy. 4 Manna and 4 Permission are included to make G on X. Try to save the Permissions until after you hit the first fort and before you hit the castle. This will maximize your profits. Sometimes, games with this deck involved can go on for a long time, only making Manna and Permission stronger. If you aren't playing on X, I would suggest replacing the 4 Permissions with a couple G spells (Triumph works well) and a couple of other spells (more Crushers or Paralyzers or even more creatures).

Early in the game, your focus should be on grabbing at least two yellow territories. Thief and Gremlin can grab land quickly and are amazing when facing Support since they steal/destroy items. If your opponent is using a Support deck, they will be forced to attack with their larger supporting creatures (although I have stolen a Colossus or two with my Thief in the past). This is where the items come into play. A Gremlin with a Wind Shield is virtually indestructible in battle. Off the top of my head, I can only think of a couple scroll-attack dragons that would defeat it.

Once a couple of yellow territories are procured, the focus then becomes placing Lightning Dragon. Lightning Dragon is devastating to Support decks because of his Territory Ability. Water and Earth are easily the most popular colors for Support creatures (not counting Neutral... yet) and doing 30 damage is usually enough to destroy most of them. Furthermore, this guy is just a boss in battle. Land Protect him and level as soon as it is safe.

The same strategy applies against Neutral Support creatures, except here you will use Armored Dragon. Bandits won't last very long with this guy around. This guy also has no land requirement, which means it will usually be out before the Lightning Dragon. Using Quicksilver can make this dragon multiply all game.

Another great thing about these dragons is that they are Attacks First with 60ST and they can use tools. The Hand can be used to steal a supporting creature if your opponent tries any funny business and attacks. Even if they attack with a Colossus, that Colossus will die if you have a creature in a neighboring square. If not, there is always Counter Amulet to save your butt.

So, that's pretty much all there is to it. In a nutshell, your goals are to lap quickly, make cash, never allow yourself to be attacked, zap any creatures your opponent puts down, and crush their hopes and dreams. Have fun!

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