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Land Sweeper (R, 22/8/20)

4 Barbarian
2 Burnacle
4 Fay
4 Gladiator
4 Tokebi
4 Ukobach

4 Fire Shield
4 Gaseous Form

4 Chariot
2 Exile
4 Fame
2 Illness
2 Mountain Leap
4 Trespass
2 Wind of Hope

This deck's main concept is to use Fay to power Barbarian and Gladiator and then send them running around the board with 100ST!

Not even Attacks First creatures stand a chance! Throw a Fire Shield on your creature and watch them get neutralized followed by a huge pounding!

Mountain Leap and the Immediates are there to ensure you have a way to reach red terrain (very useful online!)

Burnacle is used as a Fog generator to help you get away with only paying half of a toll.

Illness + Exile are used sweep land from enemy, allowing you to walk right in! Or, just use Illness to weaken the enemy before sending your creature in to take it!

The defensive items are here to ensure that after taking a big land you can hold onto it.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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