Power-Up (NRG, 28/0/22)

2 Possession
4 Cait Sith
4 Fay
4 Sulfurous Balloon
1 Volcanic Dragon
1 Hardrock Dragon
4 Herald Spirit
4 Lichenoid
4 Seismodon

(no items)

2 Chariot
2 Conspiracy
4 Crusher Storm
2 Relief
3 Revelation
1 Selenear
4 Telegnosis
3 Waste
1 Zeromn

Three main points are...

1. Raw power, no enchantment or items (Fay and Lichenoid boost ST and MHP to 100) When your creature moves, its stats remain the same, making the Chariot combo a great deal.

2. Great level 5 territory killers Sulfurous Balloon (deals 30 to base HP upon defeat) or Seismodon (Upon Defeat lowers the level of battle territory by 1).

3. Conspiracy cuts the cost to zero while Waste forces opponent to spend double the required amount, allowing you to save for territory abilities and with Revelation and Telegnosis using the territory abilities will be easy.

Weak points: Slow at first, Debility kills ST, and if opponent uses things like Knight (Critical Hit MHP 50+) and Vorpal Sword (Critical Hit MHP 40+)

Summary: Stomp over opponents with ease and summon the great dragons and obtain victory through territory abilities.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 12:48

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