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Goblin Supremacy (N, 16/10/24)

Hey guys. I've been playing for two years give or take and so far this is my favorite deck build.

4 Borgess
4 Goblin
4 Red Cap
4 Skeleton

2 Counter Amulet
4 Necro Scarab
4 Ring of the Succubus

4 Brave Song
4 Chariot
4 Crusher Storm
2 Feast
4 Goblin's Lair
1 Reincarnation
4 Spartoi
1 Zeromn

Based on reading other builds, Goblin's Lair is a favorite, but it plays three different roles in this deck!

First, it is used to consume spaces quickly around the map!

Second, with the Goblins in place (about 7-10), start switching two of them out, one for Red Cap and one for Borgess (they increase the regular Goblin to an amazing 40 ST and 70 HP). With this power in, use Brave Song to make them 60 ST and when passing them move them around to invade territories and conquer with ease - just be sure to use Crusher Storm to rid the enemy of items (Chariot makes this easily done).

Third, with Ring of the Succubus and Necro Scarab, increase Goblins to level 5 (make sure Red Cap is level 5 first). This makes your opponent pay about 2000G and with the numerous amount of Goblins you will be hard to stop (be sure to use Feast when you have double the territories your enemy has).

Weak points: Holy Blight kills. The creatures are all neutral, so no HP territory boost. And area-of-effect spells own this deck, such as the Tempest with Insect Swarm combo. :-(

End Summary: This deck is very evil once started, hard to stop, and requires little magic to use!

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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