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ARGH! (NBY, 14/4/32)

1 Armored Dragon
2 Anubias
4 Aspidochelone
1 Poseidon
3 Fortress
3 Witch

2 Gaseous Form
2 Metamorphosis Belt

2 Crusher
3 Drain Magic
2 Fairy Light
1 Feast
2 Find
1 Goblin's Lair
2 Insect Swarm
2 Magic Bolt
2 Manna
2 Plague
2 Refuge
2 Relief
2 Revelation
2 Silence
1 Telegnosis
2 Temperance
2 Zap

This is another extremely insensitive deck. I blatantly stole the basis of this deck off of somebody else I played against. I no longer know who it was, but I remember the match being very aggravating for me. I ran it against April and she informed me it was probably the only direct damage deck she's seen that could be League capable.

I don't know if I've improved on the concept or not, this is largely from memory because I deleted the deck shortly after conception because it was just not nice. It also has problems making money. The way to play it is to eliminate your opponent's critters as soon as possible. Ideally, they shouldn't have more than one or two creatures on the board at one time.

Fortress sets up several creatures for Insect Swarm to take out. Witch keeps them broke if they decide to stockpile items or spells to counter you. Fairy Light offsets the constant spell casting and Territory Abilities required to keep the lock down. Drain Magic is there to hit your opponent when they are afraid to level their territory for obvious reasons. Temperance brings the higher MHP creatures down to a reasonable range for disposal. Find and Refuge are there to profit from dead draws when you have nothing to worry about or to replenish an exhausted hand with important damage dealing spells. Anubis is a big land holder late game when so many creatures have been destroyed by your efforts. Like-wise, Aspidochelone starts small, but as the grind continues he gradually gets bigger and bigger. Suddenly, they're unable to deal with the monster turtle.

Silence lets you keep them from building any significant chains and potentially running away with the game. It also gives you vital turns to replenish your damage dealing spells. This book is not for casual play, you'll become hated pretty quick.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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