Sacrifice (NRBGY, 21/9/20)

1 Clockwork Owl
4 Giant Rat
2 Conjurer
2 Hive Queen
4 Hive Worker
2 Sulfurous Balloon
2 Anubias
1 Venomouspore
1 Flying Puffer
2 Powder Eater

1 Cursed Seal
4 Death Choker
1 Doom Needle
1 Rat Hunter
2 Tombstone

1 Capture
2 Find
4 Gift
1 Goblin's Lair
1 Incineration
2 Plague
1 Polymorph
2 Revolt
1 Telegnosis
3 Trade
2 Wall Transform

With this deck, I wanted to use things that are (let's face it) bad, but I wanted to use them with as much success as possible. So, horrible creatures and rare stuff like Death Chokers and Doom Needles combine to make deck that's a blast to play. While I didn't originally intend it to be competitive, it's actually turned out to be comparable with my best decks. There were a few limitations on it from card collection (I only have one Flying Puffer for some reason, for example), it seems doable. Cover the map in cheap creatures, use Trade in obvious ways, Polymorph either your opponent's creatures or your own, and all in all have a good time. This was only used once online, against Dirk and someone I've never met. It won, but probably shouldn't have.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 12:48

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