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Tightwad (NR, 20/10/20)

And now for something completely different. This deck is so much fun, I just had to share it. :-)

4 Baldanders
4 Doppelganger
4 Lunatic Hare
3 Trap Spider
1 Domovikha
4 Hive Worker

3 Abyssal Tome
4 Ring of the Succubus
3 Spectre's Robe

4 Backward
4 Crusher
2 Find
2 Holy Word 3
2 Holy Word 6
4 Poison Mind
2 Slow

This crazy - and amazingly effective - deck began life as a casual "what if..." in the chat recently. I was wondering if a deck full of free and almost-free cards would be viable, so I made one. What resulted was a fun deck, but one that really couldn't stand up to much of anything except the boneheaded AI. It couldn't hold land. It didn't have enough firepower. It didn't... well, you get the idea.

Then, I realized that there are many very good cards (and combos!) for just a little bit more G, and well, the idea just kind of snowballed into the budget-minded monster you see here. Tightwad has no card more expensive than 40G, and only two that expensive. Yes, seriously. Check this out:

40G: Trap Spider, Spectre's Robe.

30G: Ring of the Succubus, Crusher.

20G: Lunatic Hare, Backward, Find, Poison Mind, Slow.

10G: Baldanders, Doppelganger, Domovikha, Hive Worker, Abyssal Tome, Holy Word 3, Holy Word 6.

You may have noticed that 36 of the 50 cards in this beast are 20G or less, including 17 of its 20 creatures. What does this mean? Well, for starters, it means that you can do upwards of five different things for every one your opponent does. This is a surprisingly massive advantage, especially early in the game, and you're virtually guaranteed to jump out to a big lead quickly.

That in itself is huge, but consider also that you're filling the map at about that same 5-to-1 rate. If they have a fair number of summoning requirements, all you need to do to make life completely miserable for them is to focus on occupying their colors. In three straight tests, I made my own (HoF) Magma deck look completely silly doing this. We're talking ~8000G to <1000G-level silly. In two of those, Magma didn't even crack 1000G the entire match. Yes, really. I couldn't believe it myself.

What makes the creature madness in Tightwad even more hilarious is that 15 of the 20 creatures are pretty much self-sustaining (and 12 of the 20 pseudo-Regenerating). There is a very strong chance your opponent is going to need to spend a whole lot of G to kill your stuff, while you likely won't even need to equip an item to survive unharmed.

And while Baldanders, Doppelganger, Trap Spider, and Hive Worker are all busy causing trouble on their own (or even more with the items - see below), Lunatic Hare is secretly plotting to make your opponent's high-level lands yours. And it will happen. Oh yes, it will happen. Often.

Domovikha? She's here to protect what you buy for cheap and what you steal. One hit from her Territory Ability, and worry about Banishing Ray no more... or Paralyzer... or whatever targeted spell or TA they might have. Tuck her away somewhere safe and watch them squirm.

As if the creature G advantage isn't enough, check out the spells. Played well, all of those movement spells are a nightmare to deal with. In two other matches on Colosseum II, I completed a lap before my opponent got more than a few spaces away from their starting spot on the castle. In one match, he had actually moonwalked to before the castle when I completed my lap. In other words, I walked 28 spaces in the same time that he walked back two spaces. Insane.

But, it's even more insidious than that... it has 8x card-crushing action. Make that 8x Doublecast card-crushing action. With Find to keep a moderately full hand and compress your deck, helping you keep just what you need in hand nearly all the time.

Which brings us to the items. The creatures in this deck are very self-sustaining as mentioned, but with these items, they also just happen somehow to be downright terrifying in this deck, despite their crazy-cheap G cost. Let's explore each of them in relation to the creatures, shall we?

Spectre's Robe: Sure, it's random, but it also has no equal early in the game, it's dual-use, and well, your land holders have an uncanny way of surviving with it, and their land holders seem to keep ending up dead. With Baldanders? Here's just a few nasty possibilities: Cerberus, Spiny Agama, Frost Beast, Gladiator. With Doppelganger? You're them... only stronger. Not good for them. Really, really not good for them.

Abyssal Tome: This seldom-used tool is Tightwad's secret weapon. Sure, it's very handy to use on big threats, such as, say, a Red Cap or an Avatar. But where it really shines is in Lunatic Hare's hands... err... paws. If the Hare does even 1 point of damage, they're dead. Better yet, the Tome turns Hare into a Statue also, helping you hold onto your newly-acquired territory that much better. For a mere 30G, it is one seriously evil combo.

Ring of the Succubus: Here's another very infrequently-used tool, but in Tightwad, it's sublime. Basically, it makes every creature in here a pretty darn good land holder. It's rather hard to kill something when your attacking power is reduced to 0 before you land a hit. But, even better: Trap Spider + Ring of the Succubus = Nike. Better even than that: Doppelganger + Ring of the Succubus = "wait... how do I kill it?" Better even than that: Lunatic Hare + Ring of the Succubus. I'm pretty sure you know how that one ends up.

For those keeping score, that's 7 items out of 10 that enable Lunatic Hare to kill nearly anything on the map at any time. For only 30 or 50G. And with Crusher + Poison Mind + Trap Spider's Paralysis to keep neutralizing items out of their hands. Ouch.

So, there it is. It may be dirt-cheap, but you get a lot for your G... possibly more value than in any other deck ever made. I know I've never seen anything like it, and that in itself is crazy, given that Culdcept Saga has been out for over 2.5 years now. Enjoy!

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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