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Living Scroll (NRB, 18/8/24)

So, I challenged myself to create a deck that could effectively use this never-seen Item Creature, and this is what I came up with. Does it work? Sure. Does it also fail sometimes? Of course, but it's something different.

3 Living Scroll
2 Possession
2 Conjurer
3 Sorcerer
1 Hyde
2 Noble Shaman
3 Sea Bonze
2 Warlock

2 Gaseous Form
2 Nuclear Fusion
2 Soul Ray
2 Tearing Halo

2 Fame
3 Fat Body
3 Intrusion
3 Paralyzer
4 Shrink
3 Squeeze
2 Telegnosis
2 Temperance
2 Trespass

The basic concept: Most of the creatures have Scroll Critical Hit. The only ones that don't are Sea Bonze and Hyde. Sea Bonze is your land holder and Hyde is used for extra Paralyzer. Besides that, the concept is simple: attack with your scroll creatures. Sorcerer on his own can hit someone for 30 scroll damage. Living Scroll can be used by any of your other creatures without being Crushed or Crusher Stormed out of your hand. Shrink and Temperance are very important. Hit them with those if they have more than 40MHP. Or, hit them with Shrink if they have a 30MHP creature (then Living Scroll can take it on its own.) Paralyze and attack. If you see Living Mirrors, Squeeze them ASAP! Gremlin Claws or just plain Gremlins, Tearing Halo is there for those. The book can be pretty effective if you keep the heat on. Plus, people coming unprepared for scrolls are going to have a real uphill battle. Use your Warlock to cast Anti-Magic on yourself if need be. Use your Noble Shaman to get rid of seemingly safe Land Protected foes. Use Ba-Al (from Conjurer) for anything, as you can place Ba-Al right next to the creature you want to kill. Use Possession to take some of the creatures that are a problem. But, most of all, enjoy killing any Cait Sith you land on. :-)

Some of the biggest problems for the book are Attacks First and Support. Paralyzer will have to happen often to take one of those types of books. I mean, obviously this book has a ton of holes, but all books have holes. This was just for fun, not a "league competitive" book.

Also, if you'd like a little more spice with the book, drop a Sea Bonze and bring a Necromancer. Anytime you use a Possession, bring him back to your hand.. Plus, the Necromancer is a Scroll Critical Hit attacker as well.

Like this deck and want to build your own like it?

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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