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Kargad Symbols (RY, 19/0/31)

Okay, it's time to share my nearly unbeatable Kargad book. I'm sure after posting this I will never win on Kargad again, but up to now it has been pretty much unstoppable.

4 Tokebi
4 Nike
4 Powder Eater
3 Sword Princess
4 Sylph

4 Aurora
1 Chariot
1 Crusher Storm
1 Drain Magic
1 Fame
2 Gift
4 Grace
4 Land Drain
3 Manna
4 Permission
4 Triumph
2 Wind of Hope

The strategy is as follows. Buy as many top area yellow symbols as you can in the early game, however leave yourself with enough G to use a Permission if you have one. The idea is to never leave the top area unless you absolutely have to. Use your cheap creatures (Powder Eater, Sylph) early in the game, preferably on yellow lands in the top area, but it's not essential - you should grab those lands soon enough. Save your Auroras for late game.

Many players will see that you are leaving the bottom two areas wide open and will go ahead and lay down a bunch of creatures. Hit them with Land Drain. Keep buying symbols until you have over 100 yellow symbols in the top area (should only take about five turns). Then start laying down Nike's and Sword Princesses and convert the lands to yellow if you can. Level them up, use Aurora and Grace, and cruise to victory while your opponents shuffle through their cards desperately looking for a counter to your strategy.

If your opponents are using Lead Idol or Marble Idol, you can always use Tokebi to play the money game. In fact, it's not a bad idea to utilize Tokebi anyway. Just cross the temple, buy symbols, level your land, cross the temple again, sell your symbols, and use Tokebi to sell off the land you leveled a couple turns ago.

This strategy is very brutal, tough to counter, and can make your opponent feel hopeless, You just have to understand a thing or two about symbols to make it work.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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