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Screwed (NB, 20/0/30)

4 Lead Idol
2 Ahuizotl
3 Aspidochelone
3 Drool
4 Hyde
1 Rahab
3 Sea Bonze

3 Cleanse
3 Crusher Storm
2 Dispel Magic
2 Fame
3 Intrusion
3 Land Protection
2 Manna
2 Suppression
4 Trade
2 Triumph
4 Wind of Hope

This is one of two decks I play if I suspect someone's playing a Moth/Gob deck (the other one being a Mass Damage-based Ant deck for those curious). It works remarkably well against them, with Sea Bonze's built in Fistfight blocking both Mothman and Red Cap's abilities (most of these decks also play Granite Idol and no Acid Rains, making Sea Bonze the best land holder).

Lead Idols are trade fodder and also prevent anything from being swapped out (without Replace, you're screwed unless you want to kill your own stuff). Hyde's territory ability becomes vicious with Lead Idol in play - paralyze everything and short of them running enchantments that overwrite Paralysis, they're screwed. While they're laying out creatures that basically become useless within a few rounds, you're steadily building up your blue chains and leveling up your Sea Bonzes. Anything they level up you can quickly claim via a two-round Paralyzer+Intrusion combo with Drool (+10 penetrating ST per blue land). If they Land Protect it beforehand, simply cast a Cleanse as you're passing a Hyde.

Another thing, this has worked just as well against normal decks. I don't want any of the newer players thinking this is simply a counter to Moth/Gob setups.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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