Acid Wash (NG, 23/0/27)

With all the Moth-Gob hate lately, I thought I would post a deck I've had on the drive since my earliest days of playing Culdcept. While I wouldn't say it's league worthy, it could probably win some league matches and it can definitely take a Goblin deck down. Here it is...

2 Living Mirror
4 Living Rapier
2 Blynx
2 Branch Army
3 Cockatrice
2 Hypno Sloth
2 Lichenoid
2 Mudman
2 Sakuya
2 Spud Folk

4 Acid Rain
2 Cleanse
2 Crusher
2 Crusher Storm
1 Desert Storm
1 Find
2 Land Protection
1 Revival
2 Sculpture
1 Telegnosis
1 Telekinesis
2 Trade
2 Trespass
2 Wall Transform
2 Word of Recall or Permission (depending on the map)

Between the Cockatrice, Wall Transform, and Sculpture you should have plenty of targets to "Acid Wash". If you can target a leveled land, Blynx and Telekinesis come in real handy. If you lose any of your own creatures to Sculpture, then they make great Trade bait. Cleanse and Desert Storm help to deal with Land Protection and Mass Phantasm. It's versatile with a little bit of offense and defense mixed in, not to mention it crushes idol-based decks.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 12:48

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