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Chapter 7 (NRG, 18/7/25)

In light of Whooh's posting of Poverty (and the flood of deprivation-style decks I've seen since then) I figured I'd post a copy of one of my old ones (and the same as his, this deck is not something to bring along if you're looking to make friends. >:-) )

3 Bandit
3 Ivory Idol
1 Domovikha
2 Fay
2 Sakuya
3 Spiny Agama
4 Spud Folk

3 Gaseous Form
2 Gremlin Tooth
2 Scale Armor

2 Banishing Ray
1 Chariot
3 Crusher
3 Gift
2 Manna
3 Pain
1 Relief
1 Telegnosis
3 Waste
3 Wind of Hope
3 Word of Recall

The most expensive creature you'll have to put down once Ivory Idol is out is Sakuya (40 w/o Ivory Idol, 80 w/Ivory). I usually only put one Ivory Idol out at a time (this is to prevent things like Acid Rain from wiping them all out in one fell swoop)-keeping one in hand and one on the board at all times can create a pretty nasty, hopeless situation for your opponent. Place the Bandits early; use Fay to beef them up. There's one Domovikha so I didn't have to take up valuable space with multiple Land Protections (and earlier build also had Domovoi, but in the end, I felt Land Protection outweighed Phantasm in most cases). Spud Folk helps get you a decent amount of G (especially mid-late game), and Spiny Agama is your land holder. Depending on what type of deck your opponent is running he might be good enough to hold your land (Protected by Domovikha of course), but in most cases, I go ahead and evolve to Brontides before I level too much.

All the items are N. While Scale Armor only provides a +40 boost, it's more than enough to get Brontides through a critical nuke. Gaseous Form, of course, if scrolls aren't involved. Gremlin Tooth to break armor/etc when Charioting around your 100 ST Bandit. It also can serve a dual purpose if your opponent happens to be playing Flammefleur (noticed this today as it saved my hide twice).

Gift and Wind of Hope, of course, are for deck compression. Usually, with three of each, I can keep a Word of Recall/Waste combo in hand and ready. Pain can be particularly vicious on a low-resource map. It's been said a million times but there are ways to make money other than lapping. Pain will, hopefully, keep them broke despite the G-generation spells they're carrying. The game breaker, in the end, however, is Word of Recall. Played on a linear map, you can ensure your opponents rarely (if ever) get their lap bonus, and this, coupled with Waste, Pain, and Ivory Idol usually makes sure they're selling off their land at a rather regular pace.

I've never played this deck against another resource-deprivation deck, but out of the two dozen or so times I've played it, I've only lost twice (once to an Ant deck and the other to a Goblin deck). If they're playing anything even relatively expensive, chances are, they're dead from the start. Counter Amulet with Ivory Idol=200G to play. Counter Amulet with Ivory Idol and Waste=400G to play. Along with continued use of Pain, Word of Recall, and Waste, many cards that people run online become extremely useless.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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