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Stoned (NRBGY, 18/6/26)

This is a just for fun book, but it's a lot of fun.

1 Granite Idol
2 Living Claw
1 Samurai
2 Tokebi
4 Saint
1 Yeti
3 Angostura
1 Dhampir
1 Mothman
2 Tengu

1 Gaseous Form
2 Gremlin Claw
2 Nuclear Fusion
1 Scale Armor

1 Chariot
1 Desert Storm
1 Fame
2 Fat Body
2 Find
2 Hunter's Song
2 Intrusion
3 Manna
3 Mesozoic Song
1 Refuge
1 Relief
2 Revival
2 Sculpture
3 Temperance

This is kind of a convoluted deck that takes a while to get going, but once it does, it can be quite nasty.

Basically, hit stuff you don't like with Temperance, then pop a Sculpture to turn everything into Statues. Kill stuff with Saint's instant death or, if you're not getting Sculpture, intrude with either Samurai or Angostura. The Fat Bodies are to use on your Saints so they survive Sculpture. After all, you're killing with Instant Death, so it doesn't matter if she hits for 10 or 30 damage. She just needs to hit.

Mothman is there to combo with the Statues in play. Dhampir and Yeti are for messing with mono-color decks, and they come in extra handy in this concept because most of the untargetable creatures are red and green. Tengu is there for a backup plan. Tokebi is there to sell land you don't feel like defending.

I'd never use this in league, but it's been reasonably successful against random people online. It's weird enough that it makes people feel uneasy about leveling up territory.

This is actually a deck I made a long time ago, so if I wanted to make it more competitive, I probably could. I actually just tweaked it a little before I posted. It used to have Brass Idols in it, but I decided Find made more sense in light of Sculpture.

Like this deck and want to build your own like it?

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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