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Libertarian (NB, 20/4/26)

This deck is so named because I wanted to make a "symbol" deck that was geared to slow down Taxman-style symbol decks and achieve victory via an unorthodox symbol-buying strategy. It was undefeated on my home map of Kargad in Season 6, though Whooh might have beaten it in the semis if we'd ever been able to finish a match. (Both of our decks' builds got increasingly perverted as we tweaked them between matches. Some games, he had the advantage. Other times, I did.)

I really only play it on Kargad, which has an advantage over popular symbol maps like Mount Etumer and Zanador because of its low starting symbol values. Occasionally, I'll tweak it for other symbol maps if I'm feeling nostalgic and can't get a game on Kargad.

3 Granite Idol
2 Ahuizotl
1 Aquahorn
2 Aspidochelone
1 Deep-sea Dragon
1 Drool
1 Kelpie
3 Lung
1 Saint
2 Sea Bonze
2 Undine
1 Yeti

2 Gaseous Form
2 Gremlin Claw

1 Chariot
1 Erosion
1 Fame
1 Fat Body
2 Land Protection
3 Manna
1 Mutation
4 Permission
3 Pressure
1 Refuge
1 Relief
1 Revival
1 Telegnosis
1 Time Tide
4 Wind of Hope

Here's how it works: Use Pressure to keep the value of symbols low, and load up on blue symbols in the top area. Use Permission to lap repeatedly while completely taking over the top area and painting the town blue. In the mid/late game, I usually have enough G where I can avoid the bottom areas entirely. If you've got, say, 90 symbols, you can blow all your spare G on leveling up a land, sell 20 symbols off at the temple, level another, sell 20 more symbols, etc., and greatly increase your TG without lapping.

The deck can be slow to develop, such as when you draw all three Lungs within the first three turns or can't draw a Permission to save your life. But when everything gets rolling, as it usually does, you can own the loop closest to the castle and Chariot Lungs around the lower levels, using Relief to move them into position. (Lung + Gremlin Claw is almost always a failsafe invasion combo, for only 100G.) If your opponent is truly playing an all-symbol deck, drive 'em crazy with Kelpie. Otherwise, Land Protected, buffed Sea Bonzes next to the castle do quite well as land holders.

Aquahorn, Yeti, and Saint are in there for versatility and come in handy more often than not with all the mono-color decks people like to use. (Two of this deck's best invaders, Lung and Deep-sea Dragon, can't go on red, so Yeti is a must in case someone brings a mono-red deck.) When I beat Cormac (retired) in group play, I used three Saints because of his penchant for Goblin+Red Cap and won handily once he landed on a Land Protected Saint and had no answer for her.

Damage-oriented decks can be a little bit of a problem, which is why Time Tide is in there. I've also been known to play extra Refreshes, Clay Idols and even Odradeks if I'm convinced it's gonna be an issue.

As for straight symbol decks, Granite Idol shuts down a lot of popular symbol-deck cards (Grace, Echo, Crusher, Poison Mind, etc) and repeated use of Pressure can offset any gains my opponent might get from my leveling of land. If I get the sense my opponent is packing a ton of idol nukers and Corruptions, I'll Refuge away Lung, avoid buying symbols and rule the roost with the likes of Undine and Drool.

Erosion is a fun card to use with Granite Idol. Often players will hold multiple copies of flash spells to use once they've figured out a way to get rid of your idol(s). If you can draw and pop an Erosion while they're doing that, it's pretty swell.

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