(HoF) Poverty (NRBG, 15/7/28)

2 Borgess
2 Ivory Idol
2 Lead Idol
2 Marble Idol
2 Possession
2 Red Cap
1 Tokebi
1 Poseidon
1 Sakuya

3 Gaseous Form
1 Gremlin Claw
1 Gremlin Tooth
2 Necro Scarab

1 Comet
2 Drain Magic
2 Fairy Light
1 Feast
3 Goblin's Lair
1 Intrusion
3 Pain
2 Refuge
1 Relief
2 Replace
1 Revival
2 Trade
1 Wall Transform
3 Waste
3 Word of Recall

This is not a nice deck. It is designed to do several things. First, it is supposed to destroy your opponent's funds. Once this has been established, they are unable to invade even the lowliest of Goblins.

Second, this will lock down the board creature-wise as well. Through Possession, Trade, and Replace, you can effectively take what you want from them while giving them worthless Goblins.

Third, as the land gap gradually increases and more Goblins get on the board, Red Cap is capable of taking out nearly any problem territories that may arise via Gremlin Tools and Intrusion and Feast becomes a massive boon to you.

Fourth, as time goes on and Poseidon keeps your Goblins alive and well, Sakuya is creating significant chains, and Tokebi is going crazy with land transfer.

Fifth, when cards have completed their purpose and you have things well under control, dead draws turn into profit as Refuge and Fairy Light skyrocket your funds.

Cards like Necro Scarab ensure that even if a creature is taken out, you'll still collect a toll. This discourages opponents from even attempting to invade. Wall Transform is great when your opponent is running no neutral to take out a Goblin-turned-Wonder Wall or when there's a nasty Armored Dragon taking out your army slowly. Comet is there to knock territories back into Possession's range.

This deck will not make you any friends. It is one of my League decks when I'm feeling particularly nasty. Not for casual play.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 12:48

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