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Green Giant (NG, 15/9/26)

1 Possession
1 Branch Army
1 Hypno Sloth
1 Leshy
1 Lichenoid
1 Mudman
1 Mummy
1 Revenant
1 Sakuya
1 Spiny Agama
1 Spud Folk
1 T'ao T'ieh
1 Vampire
1 Wereboar
1 Wolverine

2 Aura Blade
2 Counter Amulet
1 Doom Needle
1 Metamorphose Belt
1 Prismatic Wand
1 Spectre's Robe
1 Tonfa

1 Backward
1 Blackout
1 Crusher
1 Drain Magic
1 Fame
1 Gift
1 Haste
1 Holy Word 0
1 Hunter's Song
1 Hustle
1 Intrusion
1 Land Drain
1 Land Protection
1 Manna
1 Paralyzer
1 Permission
1 Poison Mind
1 Reflection
1 Refuge
1 Senility
1 Slow
1 Squeeze
1 Trespass
1 Triumph
1 Waste
1 Word of Recall

This deck is called "The Green Giant" because of the same commercial as "Hey It's Corn!". It's a decent offensive and defensive deck.

You want to hold off on using Possession until you see a yummy target. Now, it only hits level 1 lands, so make sure you have multiple targets, as it's a 10/10 and is easily killed. Branch Army is another to hold onto - the more green out, the better your chances! Hypno Sloth, can you say Holy Word 1? Nice bonus there at a low cost. Mummy will make you money when it dies. Lichenoid is great at boosting MHP. Revenant is awesome as it can turn into a Vampire with an enchantment. He regenerates after battle. You gotta love Spiny Agama. This little guy reflects half damage back. Use Lichenoid to boost his MHP also. Wereboar gets a nice +30 to ST when invading. Spud Folk gives you much needed G, great in a pinch! Sakuya can change territory color to green instantly.

The idea of Doom Needle is not to win! Since Doom Needle casts Senility on its target, this sets up a second attack, so just boost your creature's MHP with Lichenoid to make sure your creature will survive the battle. Counter Amulet is great as it reflects all damage but scrolls, plus you get your attack too! Prismatic Wand comes in handy for a + to ST and HP versus opposite color creatures. Tonfa is great as you get two attacks, so when in doubt, hit 'em twice.

Some nice defensive spells - Backward, putting opponent into a high leveled Wolverine - cha-ching! Blackout for when you're in dangerous territory and also low on G. Crusher enables you to destroy that critical item they just got. Senility helps you to take out a hard creature on higher lands. Hunter's Song just adds to your G, so string four good fights back to back. Permission followed by Word of Recall will warp you home just in time for the win.

Using Trespass will net you lots of G - the more people, the better. Intrusion works well with Branch Army, Spiny Agama, and Hunter's Song. Don't forget to use Paralyzer for an easy attack without being attacked back, plus they can't use items either. Land Protection really helps when you level your land, so no Comets. Haste will get you a 6-8 roll so you can avoid higher G lands. Hustle will boost your stats, boosting both ST and HP when you need it.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

Card of the Moment

Nil 360
ST:60 HP:60 MHP:60
Instant Death: 50% / Battle End: User loses 100G. / Territory (100G): Deals damage to all creatures equal to 50% their MHP value, then is destroyed.

Culdcept Saga


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