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Puff the Magic Dragon (RGY, 6/7/37)

Don't laugh too hard, as these little guys pack a punch, thus the title.

1 Fay
1 Lichenoid
4 Powder Eater

1 Aura Blade
2 Counter Amulet
2 Prismatic Wand
1 Spectre's Robe
1 Storm Armor

1 Backward
1 Blackout
1 Chariot
1 Cleanse
1 Comet
1 Debility
1 Drain Magic
1 Fame
1 Fat Body
1 Fog
1 Gift
1 Haste
1 Hustle
1 Intrusion
1 Land Drain
1 Lunatic Light
1 Magic Bolt
2 Manna
1 Mutation
1 Paralyzer
1 Poison Mind
2 Reflection
1 Refuge
1 Reinforce
1 Revolt
1 Senility
1 Sinking Song
1 Slow
1 Spirit Walk
1 Squeeze
1 Telegnosis
1 Temperance
1 Triumph
1 Waste
1 Word of Recall

Well, I think it speaks for itself as to what to do with it. You want Powder Eaters, followed by Lichenoid, then Fay. As for attacking from hand, that's what the Counter Amulet and armor are for.

After building up Powder Eaters, multiply and watch them run your foes outta town! The bigger the TG, the better!

The idea here is to put Fay and Lichenoid down fast, then focus mostly on one Powder Eater on the map, but you'll want to fill the board fast by using multiply option, thus no cost to put down too. Using Storm Armor with a yellow-filled map works great with Intrusion, Chariot, or just multiply for a freebie.

Counter Amulet works great until you build them up to 100/100, ouch! However, when they are ST and HP at 1, hit them with Fat Body, Mutation, and Lunatic Light for better ST and HP. Also use Cleanse after Mutation to get rid of the poison effect. Cleanse is great overall as if you get stuck with something bad, whoosh its gone! Hustle, Reflection, and Sinking Song will help defend as you build them up fast. Cast Senility to end fights fast. Don't forget Spirit Walk, allowing your 100/100 Powder Eater to clean up hard to reach areas. Debility will make sure opposing creatures have a base 0 for ST.

Word of Recall gets you home quick.

You want a big map with lots of yellow, neutral, or morph lands for this to work well. Smaller maps are harder and you'll depend more on Reflection and Counter Amulet to start. The armor only helps if you have a lot of yellow down!

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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