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Hey It's Corn! (Y, 16/10/24)

1 Centaur
1 Dhampir
1 Garuda
1 Gremlin
1 Griffon
1 Harpy
1 Lightning Dragon
1 Lord of Bane
1 Nike
1 Pulgasari
1 Soul Collector
1 Succubus
1 Sylph
2 Tengu
1 Yellow Ogre

2 Aura Blade
2 Counter Amulet
1 Prismatic Wand
1 Smoke Torch
1 Soul Ray
1 Spectre's Robe
2 Storm Armor

1 Backward
1 Blackout
1 Comet
1 Crusher
1 Drain Magic
1 Fame
1 Fog
1 Gift
1 Haste
1 Holy Word 1
1 Hustle
1 Land Drain
1 Magic Bolt
1 Manna
1 Paralyzer
1 Poison Mind
1 Reflection
1 Refuge
1 Senility
1 Slow
1 Squeeze
1 Triumph
1 Waste
1 Word of Recall

This deck has some really good strengths to it. If you look at Counter Amulet, Reflection, and Storm Armor, it's all you really need for protection and attacking. If I had more Counter Amulets, I would add them. The cool thing about Counter Amulets is you still get an extra attack, so if the Amulet doesn't work, the second base attack will finish the job.

As for the armor, it's purely for attacking, not defending, unless you have a creature like Harpy, who Attacks First.

I also would have like to add more Reflection spells. These will keep the opponent from thinking twice about attacking you. They're great at giving back the damage. If someone casts Cleanse, just cast another one. So, 3 or 4 Reflections would be a good idea.

As for Soul Ray, I wish I had more of these too, about 3 or 4. I find most people expect spells and physical attacks. This opens them up to a scroll attack! This is devastating when combined with Tengu, who is my primary scroll user in this deck.

If you noticed, there's a nice blend between money-making spells like Land Drain and Manna, and punishing your opponent with low-cost spells and creatures. Now, just in case someone has scrolls too, this is when you use Smoke Torch.

Comet costs a lot, so use it at the last moment to buy you a few rounds to win. Use Backward, Blackout, Crusher, Poison Mind, Holy Word 1, and Slow for defense. Find the biggest threats and use Paralyzer or Senility. Take your time in picking your targets. Word of Recall is great if you're trapped by Holy Word 0 on a bridge or hit by Slow.

Creatures... Nike is great at offense and defense. With no-cost Paralyzer and Attacks First, you can't go wrong. Combining Reflection is extra-devastating. Tengu does critical with scrolls, and the best scroll to use here is Soul Ray. Dhampir is good as well and most of these creatures don't cost much, so fill the board with them. Then, when enough creatures have perished, hit them with Soul Collector. Harpy has Attacks First. Gremlin destroys opponent's tools and such. Sylph can morph into Garuda as well as neutralize via MHP. Succubus drains base strength. Then, with a longer match, you can hit them with Lightning Dragon... his ability to damage opponents at a distance comes in handy.

All in all, a good balance between defense and offense, and you have Cepter spells too, should someone cast something nasty on you. Waste is great if they have low G left, so when you go to fight them, it costs double, thus they cant fight or afford the battle, making the land easier to take. Refuge is good if you're low on G or to get rid of something you don't need. This deck does lack symbol use, though.

As for maps, the best ones are morphs so you can chain quicker. You want those or a map with lots of yellow or neutrals. It gets costly to turn the terrain your color otherwise, 300G and up! Map size doesn't matter and being one color really helps with Prismatic Wand.

LMAO at the title here. I was up late (i.e. 10:30am), and a Green Giant commercial came on about corn. So, that's how I got the title. Just don't laugh too hard. LOL. Actually... it is funny, so laugh away!

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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