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Colosseum III (NR, 18/6/26)

I tend to think the best deck is dependent on the map. This deck is made solely for Colosseum III. I am rather proud of it because its performance on the map and it was destroying just about every deck I put up against it and that was without drawing Brass Idol early. This is one game where you can actually practice by yourself and I suggest everyone do it!

The design is based off of a Goblin Immediate deck I posted two years ago, only this time it's 1 vs. 1 capable. Basic concept, put out Brass Idols, then place Immediate creatures, move them off the space, and next turn drop a Goblin onto the space with Goblin's Lair. This allows you to place two creatures per turn on a consistent basis.

2 Borgess
4 Brass Idol
4 Red Cap
4 Barbarian
4 Tokebi

3 Counter Amulet
3 Spiked Shield

4 Crusher
3 Feast
4 Goblin's Lair
3 Holy Word 0
3 Intrusion
1 Mass Phantasm
3 Paralyzer
2 Theft
3 Word of Recall

Most of the cards are pretty obvious, but a few should be discussed. Counter Amulet and Spiked Shield are in the deck to thwart another Goblin deck, Mothman, Sculpture, and Support Decks. If you play another Goblin deck and they run equipment and you don't you will lose. I've seen this numerous times; there is simply no way around it. It is a hard fast rule I have for all Goblin decks. This deck doesn't run Mothman like some Goblin decks do. As a result, you want to be able to deal with it and there are efficient answers. Support decks can Bandit you to death if you don't watch it, and sometimes silver bullets are cheaper then paying Bandits. Sculpture is kind of a bane to any Goblin deck, but with a few tools in it, those Statues can still defend some attacks.

Some of the cards are really dependent on Colosseum III. Word of Recall is very good on this map because it can take a good number of turns to reach the castle again, should you get Word of Recalled to it. Having your own Word of Recall will stop their Word of Recalls much more solidly then a card like Anti-Magic will. It is really the only choice, plus it allows you to Word of Recall your opponent should they not run it. Holy Word 0 is a backup to Word of Recall and a little more protection against Fairy Light, Waste, and it is especially good at functioning like a Word of Recall if you can get someone on the bridge.

Theft is a card that is needed as backup. The three things you really worry about on this map are Goblin's Lair, Word of Recall, and Holy Word 0. Having Theft allows you to have a fourth, fifth, and sixth copy of those cards while also protecting your Crushers. I'm sure most opponents will Crusher a Theft before they Crusher your Crusher.

While cards like Fairy Light and Waste are good on the map, they aren't really good in this deck. Waste requires your opponent to spend resources on creatures and items, and most of these for this board should be cheap creatures, or even more likely spells. Fairy Light is a great card but I find Feast functions the same role and performs better. You can't stop Feast with an enchant overwrite. In this deck, you are playing an Immediate deck with Goblins... no one should be able to have more creatures on the board than you. The Immediate creatures also help you extend your threat range and take out targets of opportunity. What is really the worst case... your opponent levels up a land? Great, take it with Intrusion!

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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