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(HoF) Freshness (NR, 22/10/18)

Since I think I've burned out on Culdcept (at least for this generation), I've decided to post my best deck. After posting this deck, I almost certainly won't play... I really don't want to ever go up against it.

I'm not particularly the kind of person who toots her own horn, but it may very well be the best overall single-player deck in Culdcept Saga. It has well over a 90% win rate against some of the best players in the game. It nearly caused both Andyman and Whooh to stop being my friends after playing it. I've played it against top-10 level players several games in a row -- with them knowing it's coming -- and it still won. Matt may well recall a game where I went from 6k down to completely wiping his entire army off the board. It is, as far as I know, the deck that popularized Hunter's Song, after details of my exploits with it (1400G with a single Song) became known. It is, without a doubt, the most overwhelmingly offensive deck I have ever seen, even including OMFG and OMFG FU.

It is called "Freshness" after the slogan: "That Big Red Freshness Lasts Right Through It".

3 Bandit
3 Ares
3 Avenger
4 Barbarian
4 Coaloid
1 Hell Pyron
3 Sharazad
1 Volcanic Dragon

3 Counter Amulet
3 Eagle Rapier
4 Gremlin Tooth

1 Chariot
1 Drain Magic
2 Find
3 Hunter's Song
3 Intrusion
1 Land Protection
3 Paralyzer
1 Replace
1 Telegnosis
2 Trespass

Strategy? Get Ares down, and kill every one of your opponent's creatures. With the exception of Taxman, this is a strategy that works against every deck in the game. Very few decks can deal with the offensive bonus that Ares provides, whereas this deck revels in it.

Need money? Cast Hunter's Song and whack with your 70/40 Barbarian. Or, Intrusion some. I rarely have a match where a single Hunter's Song doesn't pull in 600G. Or, suck up a ton of money with your 40/20 unassisted Bandit, or boost its strength skyward with a support creature, of which this deck has many good options. Use Hell Pyron's ability to regularly pull in over 1000G. An early game Trespass is great as well, for paying for those Intrusions.

Opponent trying to counterattack? Laugh at them as they kill themselves when you use Counter Amulet, thanks to Ares' +20 boost. This will happen quite often, as very few creatures have a MHP that is more than 20 greater than their ST. Despite being an offensive deck, this deck can hold its own quite well defensively -- all three items (Counter Amulet, Eagle Rapier, and Gremlin Tooth) are great defensive cards.

Support deck, or is your opponent playing a defensive deck? Laugh as your Ares boosted creatures destroy their goodies with Gremlin Tooth. You'll come to love that *ka-pish* sound.

Can't get the land you need to get Ares or Hell Pyron down? Use Replace!

Opponent's deck first-attack heavy? Use Eagle Rapier for tons of damage (+50 with Ares) and First Attack, yourself. Or, boost Sharazad or Bandit with a big critter in your hand -- you'll start to use Ares as a support boost as well, because he's so cheap and provides a huge bonus.

Looking for somewhere to build a chain? Throw Coaloid on a red square (he's cheap), and add on Land Protection. He should regularly get over 100HP, because Bandit is so good at taking those red territories.

Can't build a red chain? This is rare, with Barbarian, but if it does happen, get a creature down anywhere, and then use Replace to put down Ares or Hell Pyron.

Goblins? Smash quickly with Barbarian, and enjoy the spoils of Hunter's Song. Any one of your creatures is capable of easily killing a Boosted Goblin, with Ares and Pyron down.

Get yourself in a bind and let your opponent take a big level 5 land? Use Volcanic Dragon - he will save your butt often. He is almost completely impossible to counter. If they have a support creature down, outsmart them by using a Gremlin Tooth instead. Or, take a bunch of red territories and attack with Coaloid - he regularly goes over 100ST with Ares, and has no problem using Gremlin Tooth or Eagle Rapier.

Creatures that neutralize red? Take advantage of Bandit's evil neutrality. Or, use a Replace to put down an off-color creature, either right as your come across it, or if you have an Intrusion in your hand.

Anyways, above all, this deck is a blast to play with. I always have a good time when I'm using it, and I hope you do too. Feel free to use it to win Andyman's money. :-D

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