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(HoF) Armageddon (R, 1/0/49)

This was my league deck made specifically for Grave Canyon in Season 7. It had a nice run, going undefeated until losing to Dirk in the playoffs (not to mention being 2 turns from winning). I think that it could only be effective on this particular map as you can rack up the cash with your lap bonuses and Manna as you enter the late game somewhere around turn 50.

1 Tokebi

3 Acid Rain
3 Comet
3 Drain Magic
2 Find
2 Innocence
4 Insect Swarm
4 Manna
3 Plague
3 Punisher
2 Revival
2 Sculpture
3 Subsidence
3 Suppression
4 Tempest
2 Time Tide
2 Wall Transform
4 Word of Recall

In a word, this deck is nasty. It definitely is not fun to play against and a deck that comes to the party unprepared basically has no chance to win. There are a few cards which give it problems though but it does have an answer for them.

The most common ones which cause the most problems are Clay Idol, Ivory Idol, and Granite Idol in that order. Jade Idol to a lesser extent could be thrown in there as well, but people don't often play that one. After play testing, Acid Rain became a must because of Clay Idol alone.

He's the bane of this deck, hence the addition of Sculpture and later Wall Transform which also helps vs. the Clay Idol.

Drain Magic
There's a reason I'm playing with three myself because this card is devastating during the late game. The fact that I drew none during the final 15-20 rounds of my loss to Dirk is probably the main reason why I lost. Most players will not level up their lands unless it is a calculated risk right in front of me with an immediate creature. Draining someone for 1000 (let's say) is a 2000-point swing... huge. The first time through my opponents deck, I'm counting how many they are playing with. In one match, my opponent had three as well so I actually Suppressed my own Drain Magic in the late game to make sure he couldn't use it against me. Being close to 7000 and getting drained for 2000+ is no fun.

Mass Phantasm
Plague comes into play a bit more when Mass Phantasm is being used. It becomes a game of cat and mouse and usually Suppression will take care of it in the end.

Pump Decks
In play testing, it got whipped by a Powder Eater deck and I realized that Time Tide was a must. It also helps vs. Mass Growth decks and Lichenoid.

Immediate Decks
These gave me problems as I had to pay attention to where my opponent was on the map relative to me. As our paths crossed I could expect a leveled up creature in front of me. Word of Recall and Innocence were both key cards in escaping bad situations. Immediate creatures were also able to get back to leveled up lands easier if they were wiped out from an Insect Swarm, but they did make nice Comet targets :)

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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