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(HoF) DaBlob (NB, 23/0/27 - 20/0/30)

I figured that there has been enough time for the pain to fade a bit, so I thought folks would be interested in my deck, DaBlob. This deck is notable in that it has never lost a single match on its home stage, Santana Village. It is 8-0 in sanctioned play, and probably about 15-0 to 20-0 overall, if I were to include any tests done with the final editions of this deck:

Weekly Culdcept Tourney @ SV:
Round 1: minainerz > JohnnyApex (7200G to 500G)
Round 2: minainerz > DoctaSmooth (7500G to 300G)
Round 3: minainerz > Evil Killer 00 (7600G to 400G)
Finals: minainerz > Eggjalan (7200G to 600G)

Season 6 League @ SV:
Round 1: minainerz > wherewasbugsy (7560G to 1650G)
Round 2: minainerz > Julius27 (8633G to 487G)
Round 3: minainerz > Goatboy316 (7117G to 200G)
Playoff Round 1: minainerz > Mad Maxx (8168G to 1040G)
(didn't bring it in Playoff Round 2, versus Andyman, because he knew the deck, but it has won against him even when he knew it was coming)

The origins of this deck can be blamed squarely on Andyman. He knows of my history of creating cruelly offensive decks, particularly of the red and green kind. And, of course, we've created some nasty yellow decks together. So, when I received an official scoffing about the potential for a blue deck to get offensive, I started getting busy, and came up with this.

This deck is notable in that I have created two official versions of it. Here is the first version:

4 Bandit
4 Colossus
2 Living Rapier
3 Ahuizotl
4 Bloody Pudding
2 Rahab
4 Tarasque

2 Chariot
1 Cleanse
2 Crusher Storm
2 Find
4 Hunter's Song
4 Intrusion
2 Land Protection
4 Paralyzer
2 Reincarnation
1 Subsidence
1 Wall Transform
2 Wind of Hope

This deck is the deck I will bring if I'm going up against a player who likes to play well-rounded, balanced decks. If I'm expected a player to bring a nice plain support deck to bear, I bring this deck. It out-supports any other support deck. A couple things should be noted about this deck:

1) Every creature (sans Ahuizotl and Rahab) can be used with Intrusion. This is a vitally important part of this deck. If you want to get rolling with the Paralyzer-Intrusion-Hunter's Song combination, you don't want to be stuck with creatures like Behemoth in your hand. They may be more buff, and they may cost less G, but you have to avoid stalling.
2) The maximum creature you can get (20/100 Bloody Pudding), with Land Protection, Rahab down, and on a lvl5 land is more-or-less completely unkillable on Santana Village. If you add in Colossus, you're looking at a creature that has a final battle strength of 90/230. To kill that, you'd need to own pretty much every other territory and use an Avatar with a weapon to take it down. And trust me, I've gotten well over 200HP on many, many occasions.

Like this deck and want to build your own like it?

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Here is version two of the deck. It is my preferred version of the deck, and considerably meaner:

4 Bandit
4 Colossus
3 Living Rapier
4 Bloody Pudding
1 Rahab
4 Tarasque

4 Backward
1 Chariot
2 Crusher Storm
2 Drain Magic
2 Find
2 Holy Word 1
3 Intrusion
2 Land Protection
3 Pain
3 Paralyzer
2 Reincarnation
2 Subsidence
2 Triumph

This deck is particularly vicious on a resource-poor stage like Santana Village. Strategic use of Pain and Backward can push Cepters below 0G easily, causing them to lose whatever ground they may have slowly earned. Whenever I would go up against anybody who I thought would bring a fancy, complex deck, this is the version I would bring. This version's use of resource starvation easily unhinged any deck that relied on multi-card combinations to function properly.

Also note that, in this deck, every creature (except the one Rahab) can be used with Intrusion - very important, since it has fewer creatures overall. It also has no Hunter's Storms to get through the poor times, relying on getting a few extra laps in to create that early G advantage.

Anyways, hope you all enjoyed my Santana Village deck. If you were one of those people whom I bankrupted multiple times over the course of one match, well, you have my apologies. :-P

Like this deck and want to build your own like it?

We've done the work for you! Click here to go straight to the Culdcept Saga Deck Builder and customize as you see fit! :-)

Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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