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(HoF) Lap Dancer (NBG, 19/3/28)

This is a book I made for use in a couple of Season 6 Culdcept league matchups. The initial build was made for use on Vaulting Horse, a huge map in which it can take forever to complete a lap, thanks to all those crazy warp circles. The build here has been adapted for use on Grave Canyon.

As far as I can tell, this book works really well when you have the element of surprise. The cards that make it work (Teleport, Escape, Clockwork Owl) tend not to be cards most folks think they need to get rid of via Crusher, Suppression or Banishing Ray. Cards like Ebony Idol, Holy Blight and targeted Suppressions can really slow it down, however. Depending on how quickly you're lapping, mass damage can be a concern, too, as most of the creatures don't have a lot of HP.

3 Clockwork Owl
1 Living Mirror
2 Amazon
1 Branch Army
2 Grimalkin
1 Hypno Sloth
1 Mudman
3 Mummy
2 Sakuya
1 Spiny Agama
2 Spud Folk

1 Earth Shield
2 Gaseous Form

1 Banishing Ray
3 Escape
1 Find
1 Innocence
3 Manna
1 Mass Growth
4 Permission
1 Refuge
1 Reincarnation
1 Relief
2 Revival
2 Senility
1 Telegnosis
3 Teleport
3 Wind of Hope

The aim of this book is simple: Lap early and lap often. If you've got Escape plus Permission in your opening draw, you can complete your first lap on your second turn. On Grave Canyon, I've completed three laps before my opponent's completed one and five before my opponent's completed two. Obviously, this can give you a huge advantage in G. Additionally, cards like Escape and Teleport shut down a lot of decks' attempts to control you via cards like Waste, Holy Word 0/1, Word of Recall, Kelpie, Quicksand, etc. On Grave Canyon, Teleport has an added bonus. If the closest special land happens to be the fort you haven't hit, you can teleport to it, then turn around and take the short route back to the castle for a quick-and-dirty lap. (Permission/Clockwork Owl work best on the longer part of the map.)

This deck's big weakness: It's meant to catch opponents off-guard and win quickly. Most of my wins take place in 25 rounds or less. It has no offense to speak of, although you can occasionally steal a high-level land with a Senility/Invade combo if you use one of the deck's damage-neutralizing items.

I tend to level the Grimalkins because they can't be paralyzed. Mummy is there as a chain builder. If your opponent knows you'll earn 400G if they try to bust up your chain by killing Mummy, they're much less likely to invade. Amazon is there as a mid-to-late-game gold stealer/annoyance, nothing more. I've taken him out of the build and added in more green creatures on occasion. Actually, I usually run Cramp to make killing via movement tougher, but it's not in this build.

I hadn't seen anyone else running anything like this until I squared off against I5CharactersLng recently on Colosseum III. His build was a little different, with more of a focus on blue creatures as land holders. I like green, for Sakuya's Immediate status/TA. But Sea Bonze is the one creature this deck has trouble killing, as it's the only creature Senility won't work on. I suppose Basalt Idol could be a problem, too, but who runs that?

One thing I like about this deck: A lot of the cards that make it work are common as dirt. With the exception of Permission, the rare and strange cards in the deck are all used in quantities where you shouldn't have to farm a ton to build a deck like this.

Like this deck and want to build your own like it?

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