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O- (NRBY, 19/8/23)

3 Beast Gear
4 Ground Gear
4 Sky Gear
1 Ares
3 Quicksilver
4 Pegasus

4 Counter Amulet
4 Gaseous Form

2 Fame
2 Find
2 Gift
2 Mass Phantasm
4 Paralyzer
4 Reinforce
2 Revelation
1 Revival
4 Wind of Hope

I've been playing through story mode with this deck. It's sort of a spin-off of powerbait's O deck. Your secret sauce is Pegasus and Gearion. Both creatures have innate Land Protection, Attacks First, and Neutralizes: Scroll Attacks abilities. Power them up with Reinforce and your opponent will have a hard time taking your lands without their own Attacks First creature; fear the 80/20 Pegasus! Even if they do invade, you can use Counter Amulet or Gaseous Form to take the hit. If you feel comfortable with your defensive stature or your opponent isn't running any Attacks First, Ares just piles on the damage when you go bulldozing with Gearion, as well as causing most of their creatures to self-destruct when you use a Counter Amulet.

If you're concerned about someone using Fat Body to force your Quicksilvers to turn into not-Gearion, run Time Tide instead of Reinforce; you'll make all those stat adjustments a waste of time and G while healing your Gears back up. Don't start throwing creatures down all willy-nilly. Ground Gear goes on the ground; it's in the name. Beast Gear also makes a decent land holder in a pinch since it also has both the innate Land Protection and Neutralizes: Scroll Attacks abilities. If you need some big offense for that level 5 land you just landed on, Sky Gear can bring some pain.

This deck works best on maps with large tracts of land so that a Gearion can move about unimpeded. On maps with multiple areas, I try to get all my Pegasuses (Pegasi?) in a single area so I can Reinforce them efficiently.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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