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Single-Player Leshy (NRGY, 21/8/21)

I've been wanting to make a single-player Leshy deck for a while. I've also been trying to figure out a creative use for Avalanche. At some point, I had an a-ha moment and decided to combine the two.

2 Brass Idol
2 Gemoid
2 Lead Idol
3 Tokebi
4 Leshy
3 Odradek
2 Sakuya
2 Centaur
1 Gogma

4 Earth Shield
4 Silver Plow

3 Avalanche
2 Chariot
1 Desert Storm
3 Fame
2 Find
2 Intrusion
2 Paralyzer
2 Relief
2 Telekinesis
2 Trade

Basically, this deck aims to level the living heck out of everything via Leshy, Silver Plow, and Gogma. You can even help your opponent out and level his land. That's what Avalanche is for. Odradek and Gemoid are there to hold territory while you blast stuff into oblivion with Avalanche, and Gemoid makes great trade fodder, too. Tokebi is for selling off land.

I think this deck could be versatile and work OK in its current form, but I think it could use some refinement, maybe a couple of Innocence or Sleep scrolls so you don't have to pay tolls on any level 5 lands before you blast creatures away with Avalanche. Maybe Dream Terrain for FFA play. The trouble is deciding what to take out. The Lead Idols are there to keep the invasions of your stuff from getting out of hand.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 08:48

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