Starter (NRG, 28/9/13)

2 Fighter
2 Giant Rat
2 Goblin
2 Skeleton
2 Creeping Flame
2 Gas Cloud
2 Minotaur
2 Phlogiston
2 Red Ogre
2 Dwarf
2 Green Ogre
2 Squirrine
2 Wall of Stone
2 Woodfolk

2 Chain Mail
1 Fire Stone
2 Leather Armor
2 Long Sword
2 Mace

2 Crusher
2 Cure
1 Haste
2 Holy Word 1
2 Holy Word 6
2 Magic Bolt
2 Manna

I've been known to rag on the Starter deck a bit, but after writing it down... y'know, it's not all that bad. Gas Cloud, Squirrine, and Woodfolk are the main land holders in it. With the two walls backing up the Support creatures, you've got 80-90HP in battle. That's up to 140HP on a level 5 land - a tall order for most decks to take out in one shot. Not bad at all, considering how cheap everything in this deck is.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 April 2017 12:28

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