Dirty Boxing (NR, 24/2/24)

Here is a deck spawned from the bowels of my boredom. A truly dark place. Idle hands... blah blah blah >:-)

2 Bandit
2 Colossus
3 Living Rapier
2 Barbarian
3 Burning Titan
2 Death Scythe
2 Fay
3 Gas Cloud
1 Hell Pyron
2 Sharazad
2 Tokebi

2 Prismatic Wand

2 Acid Rain
2 Anti-Element
2 Chariot
1 Cleanse
2 Crusher Storm
3 Fat Body
3 Fistfight
2 Intrusion
2 Paralyzer
2 Prophecy
1 Reincarnation
2 Upheaval

The main purpose of this deck is to create unfair advantages for yourself in every battle. Fat Body is used to beef up Gas Cloud and Sharazad to create worthwhile defenders. Fistfight can be used both offensively and defensively. On offense, you can use Fistfight before invading with a Colossus or Burning Titan to ensure no funny business during combat. On defense, a Fistfight enchanted Burning Titan or Hell Pyron is very tough to take out without proper preparation. Also, you'd be surprised how easy it is to kill a creature that cannot benefit from its land bonus. Anti-Element is a truly underused card that I believe can shine when given the right circumstances. Everything else follows the "Smash and Grab" principle. Invade the land, sell it for a profit, or turn it red.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 12:48

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